Monday, June 16

what a day!

around 5:30AM this morning, i woke up with a sad face. i said, "ugh. ulan!" i don't have any umbrella with me and how can i get to my 7:40 class if its raining? and worse, i looked at the window and there was water all over the streets. yeah, there was a flood. i went back to sleep and woke up around 6AM and headed to the cr for my morning bath..

after the bath and dressing up, i went to the kitchen and cooked noodles for my breakfast. i then watched the morning tv news and worried again about the rain.. i waited until the rain stopped around 7AM.. before i left my place around 7:25, i wore a smile on my face..

that made me say, "what a day!"
- i arrived at my room at f311 around 7:30. my teacher isn't around yet so i waited for her only to find out that there is no class in my filipino subject. BAD!
- i decided to just spend the remaining time by visiting the PE department of the school for my pe tshirt. the incharge told me that the pe tshrits are not yet delivered. BAD!
i hate it when my time is wasted doing nothing so i went to jade bookstore for my book cover. after my book has been covered, i went directly to room c205 for my 8:40 management class.
- 20 minutes passed and my teacher didn't show up yet so i left the room. university rules says, if the teacher is 15 minutes late, students can leave the room for it means that there will be no class..
- i went to my division, school and business governance, for my room assignment in english. the incharge told me that they can't view it and asked me to visit the admission office.. BAD!
- i was already at the admission office and realized that everybody there was very busy so i left and headed to the humanities division.
thanks God, the staffs in the humanities division helped me.
my next class is still at 10AM so i spent the time before my econ class at the university library. i was looking for a particular book when i saw my friend.
she told me, "uy algene. ngano naa man ka diri? you're teacher is in your room."
i answered her, "tarong chen ba? nagclass siya? late na gud kaayo siya.."
"promise, naa jud siya.. nilabay ko sa inyo room"
"whaaattt? kung musulod pako, lain na noh? late na ko.."
"bitaw gene, ayaw nalang.."

what a bad experience! that was the first subject i missed for the semester! hay.
- its time for my economics class and i went to the avr for the film showing about economics U$A. my teacher gave a quiz and i'm not ready about it. i still managed to answer her questions but i don't know if the answers were right.
- after my econ class, i dropped by the PE department only to find out that the stocks didn't arrived yet.

this day isn't really bad at all. some good things happened to me this afternoon like:
- i've had a good lunch with friends.
- i got the package sent by my mom.
- my guy classmate bought pe tshirt for me! nice.:)

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