Friday, June 27

the tree.

our friendship is like a tree..
a tree used to be strong and tall. but as time passes by, the leaves began to fall, the branches started to break one by one and the tree eventually died.. our friendship used to be closely bonded. but as time passes by, things started to separate us from one another, others began to fall out of the group and we're almost dying..

*st. mutien marie (SY 05-06)*

it was in a four-walled classroom where everything has started.
i was in my junior year when i met the "mutienians". they were the best friend i've had for the past 3 years.. i thought they would stay with me for the rest of my life but i was wrong (or maybe right).

look at the pictures below. see how happy we were on our high school days..

*kiddie cake. i made it with some mates..*

*at the stairs we call "stairs of endless happiness"..*

*one kulitan afternoon with the guys..*

*belai's kulitan with roque*

*after promenade pic at belai's kamayan resto*

*promenade 06*

*merienda at the kamayan of tita teody*

*with the king of mutien (in yellow - sir roque) and the adopted mutienians*

*at the club house*

*at home with paul, shang, jing and roque*

*last day at school. finally, GRADUATION!*

*more pictures at: mutienians*

even after college, we still see each other.. the difference? everyday or six times a week became once a month or worse, thrice in a semester. because of the busy schedules and location of school..

college days..

*with aya and yie at home*

*yie, me and shang at my room + pancit canton and ice cream..*

*at my place - balcony..*

*dinner at penong's davao*

*at atty. mikmik's cottage*

*outside dr. raffy's residence*

more photos at: mutienians

the last outing i've had with the group was 2 months ago.. the last time i've hanged out with some of my close friends in the group was a month ago. :(

*two months ago*

*a month ago*

a lot of things have been trying to separate me from them. i hate it..
i got into a fight with a guy in the group because of his girl friend.
i and my buddies are in our second year in college - more busy than before.
a friend of mine has transfered to cdo and she might not come back to our place.
roque has finally moved to cebu.
and a lot more..

i cried and then, i heard the rain..

- Spongecola Lyrics

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