this is not my day.

people experience things they don't what to. those things can even make their day bad. unfortunately, i'm one of those people. today is not my lucky day.. i don't know why. maybe, somebody wished i'll get all the bad lucks in this world so that they can see me frown. well, for now, they succeeded cause i'm really feeling bad. *sighs*

here are some of the things that made me say: "this is not my day!"

1. i lost my usb flash drive for the 6th time.
i went to my dentist for my prophylaxes and i don't know what got into me that i brought with me my usb flash drive which i knew earlier i wouldn't use. am i stupid or something? now, i can't remember where i dropped it. i need it so much! i have many files there i haven't placed in my laptop yet. *sighs* around 5pm this afternoon, i called my dentist and asked if she found it. her answer, "no". argh!

2. i ran out of ink.
i have to print some stuffs for my mom because she asked me to. i was in the middle of my excitement for i'm almost done when suddenly an error message appears in my screen -
"Yellow: T0634
The genuine EPSON ink cartridges listed above are recommended for replacement"

3. i can't access my tristan cafe account.
i don't know what happened. i just can't get into my favorite pinoy forums site. hay. this is soooooo bad! i need to update something there.

4.a date with friends was cancelled!
very bad.

5. i'm really tired.


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