this day.

everything that happened to me this day was really great. i can't get them out of my mind.. everytime i think of those things, i smile and laugh at my ownself. hay. this day isn't just an ordinary day. this is my first day back to davao and my first day of new set of adventures and experiences..

below are some of the things i've done, experienced and noticed this day.

after 2 months of vacation and freedom from stress, the day has finally come for me to go back to the city where my school stands and where i should be for my studies. i left our place around 6am and i arrived at davao around 10am. thanks to my tito who drove all the way from our place to the city.

2. BREAKFAST we ate breakfast just a block away from my dormitory for i have to meet up a friend who asked me to bring a package from his ate and for me to drop my things earlier in my room to avoid hassle.

last night, i've had a chat with my friends - neil, mon and yuri.. they invited me to meet them at the national book store this morning. i said, "i'll try." they have no idea how much i really want to meet them there for i haven't seen them for months and it really feels good being with them.. i wasn't sure if i'll be in davao on our meet-up time so instead of promising them that i'll come, i just said that i'll try my best to be there.

the morning came and they contacted me.
*text message*
neil: algene! san ka na?

i read his message late so when i checked my phone, there were already missed calls from them. (note: my cp time is 1 and 45 mins advance)

when i saw their names on my cp screen, i smiled because they really remembered me. *emo* LOL.

i replied with: im sorry. i really can't make it. i'm with my mom..

when i sent my reply, i was already on the gmall not to meet them but to go with my mom and cousin. there were no replies from them so i assumed that they understand the situation.. while we're already on the mall, my mom asked me and my kuya (a cousin) to buy vitamins at rose pharmacy. so, my kuya and i obeyed. we were WWHH (walking while holding hands). its normal for us because we're really close..

what i din't know was that the three musketeers saw me and my kuya.. they were just observing me. bad noh? i only saw them when i passed by goldilocks. they were there laughing like children. haha. i introduced my kuya to them and i introduced them to my kuya.. they just laughed. sobrang natuwa sila.. i don't know why.. i bid them goodbye and asked an apology personally..

while on the escalator, i recieved a message from neil.

the message says: ahh. so lalaki pla mama mo? nakaputi? haha. ang swit nyo nman ng mama mo, holding hands pa. haha..

i realized that the message was sent first before i saw them at goldilocks.

my reply: hala, wala ko kabantai bha. laina nnyu uy.. c0usin ko lagi, bumili lng kmi ng vtamins..

i'm sure na until now, they still don't believe me that the guy i walked with this morning at the mall is my cousin. here is one photo that could prove that he's really my cousin.

*the guy at my sides are my cousin. on left: the best man (the man seen with me); on right: the groom (best man's brother).*

i went to my dormitory around 11:30 to drop the luggage in my room. before i left the dormitory, i called my dorm mates and showed them what i brought for them - cake and biko. we ate the foods together and they thanked me. it felt good hearing them appreciate my kindness..

since i lost my usb flash drive for the 6th time, i need to have a new one again. you know, it is a must. i just bought a 2GB disk so that in case i'll lost it again, it wouldn't really bother me much. thanks 'coz the price is affordable.

*so cute*

one of my good dorm mates left the dormitory this day. she will transfer into another dorm. hay. i'll miss her. she is such a nice and loving girl..

*some of my dorm mates. ate ivy - the 4th girl from the right*

i can't finish this now. i'm already sleepy. i still have my class tomorrow..

bottom line: I ENJOYED THIS DAY.

PS neil, balitaan mo ako ha? hehe. sayang, may class talaga ako eh.

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