Tuesday, June 10

love it or fail it.

my first day back to school was so good.
i finally got my new and permanent class schedule for the whole semester.
i found out that my ns2 teacher is funny, approachable and (most) intelligent.. he's actually a doctor..
my accounting2 subject, a 6-9pm class, was cancelled. YES!

i really don't like my schedule because it was my division who chose it. i have no choice but to love it 'cause if not, i might just fail my subjects. i don't want that to happen..

my sched.


7:40-8:40AM - FIL1 (komunikasyon sa akademikong filipino)
8:45-9:45AM - MGT210 (business organization and management)
10:00-11:00AM - ECON111 (intro to econ with ar and taxation)


11:00-12:30PM - ENG111 (basic communication skills)
1:00-2:30PM - HIST111 (philippine history)
2:35-4:05PM - NS2 (introduction to physical sciences)
5:55-9:00PM - ACC2 (fundamentals of accounting 2)


7:40-9:40 - FYDP (christian formation)
10:00-12:00AM - PE1 (physical education 1)

total units = 27.

bad schedule, right? i hope i can manage all these subjects..

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