Friday, June 6

high heeled shoes vs. sneakers.

"a girl who would prefer high heeled-shoes and sandals or even flip flops than sneakers." - this is one of my ways in describing myself..

i'm not really into sneakers. actually, it's one of the reasons why i hate PE so much and why i can't understand than 90% of my schoolmates love the subject. when i was still in high school, i didn't wear rubber shoes during pe time. i even joined the lyre and bugle club in order for me to be exempted on the said subject. when i was already a member of the band, i met many officers who think that their members are puppet which they can ask to do anything. because of that, i quitted. i'd rather attend my pe classes than allow somebody to let them feel superior. yes, i attended my pe classes but still i didn't wear rubber shoes. my pe instructors would always give me an "incomplete uniform" remark in my index cards. nevertheless, i'm really thankful to them because they let me passed the subject..

even when i was still in UP, i didn't wear rubber shoes during my pe class (folk dance). i wore only doll shoes. i'm not really comfortable whenever i wear sneakers. maybe i'm not used to it and i don't look good whenever i have them on my feet.;p

its not like i never had a pair of rubber shoes. of course, i have some because i sometimes use it. the last time i wore rubber shoes was when i played badminton with my friends. that was almost a year ago..


now, that i've enrolled into a pe1 subject in my school, i bought myself a new sneakers. this time, i need to have one. i can't allow pe1 to cause a decrease in my WPA. i'm a college student now and i think i can manage to wear rubber shoes. LOL.

*hay. i hope i'll get used into wearing this.*

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