Hate to Like

"You can learn to love the things you hate only if you allow yourself to.."

I woke up this morning as early as 5AM not because I'm excited for my Saturday classes but because I have to attend those. If I won't, I would fail and I don't want that to happen.. Around 7AM, I ate my breakfast and got dressed. I faced the mirror for countless times and felt hesitant to go to school. Why? Again, because I was wearing a PE uniform which would be the last thing I would want to wear.. I felt that I looked so awful.

I don't know what I did that I still managed to go to school feeling okay. Maybe because I tried to convince myself that I looked really good on it. Yeah, a matter of mindset. You know me, I just tell myself repeatedly, "Hey algene. you look good.." and then I start feeling good for the rest of the day.. I just smile and smile until the bad feeling fades away.

My PE CLASS started around 10AM just after my FYDP class.. Everything I did in PE was a lot full of fun. I enjoyed our aikido, a japanese martial art, activities. It was really good! Although 85% of our class are boys, the section still gets along well together. For the rest of the semester, we'll be doing aikido! FUN!

"You can learn to love the things you hate only if you allow yourself to.."

I used to hate PE and now, i'm liking it. I know that sooner, I'll learn to love it..:]

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: wearing complete PE uniform at school.


  1. huie..pagtarung baya ug skwela uie..dili makinorni! hahahahe..

  2. di man ko korny ate gagai uy. hehe..


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