caregiver lines.

as promised, i'll post the lines i've got from the megastar's comeback movie caregiver. these lines are really nice. i love the conversations between sarah (sharon cuneta) and mr. morgan..

conversation among sarah (sharon), rica and a patient

patient: "are you talking about me?"

rica: "no, we're talking about pounds."

sharon (sharon): "pounds. pounds. pounds."

"ang hirap mag-alaga ng mga taong naghihintay nalang na mamatay sila." - sharon (sarah)

conversation between sarah and his employer

sharon (sarah): "ahm.. sir, can i ask? this mister morgan, is he difficult to handle?"

employer: "at least, he doesn't bite. *laughs*"

"you don't have to feed me. i know where my mouth is. i'll call you only if i need you. get out of my room!" - mr. morgan to sharon (sarah)

"ako pa sinasabihan mo? bakit ako? saan ba ako nanggaling? pare, doctor ako noon. ngayon? nurse nalang. walang asenso sa pilipinas. ngayon, kung gusto mong magrklamo, dun ka sa malacanang umapela." - a filipino friend to sarah's husband

conversation between sharon (sarah) and mr. morgan (her patient)

sharon (sarah): "with due respect mr. morgan, if you're not happy with my services, you can replace me. if you want to lay down here and look miserable, then its your choice."

mr. morgan: "how dare you talk to me like that?"


sharon (sarah): "you dont't have any idea on what i've had to give up to get this job. i have to leave my son back home.. but i'm doing this for him because i want him to be somebody. i care about my job sir.. i care about you.. i don't deserve to be treated this way"

"i know you used to be a doctor but let me remind you that you're not anymore, not in this hospital, not in this country!" - an employer to his filipino employee

conversation between mr. morgan's children

girl: "its not the first time that filipina maid looks for a dying old man."

boy (david): "she's not a maid!"

girl: "a maid, a caregiver!"

"you don't have to take good care of him. you just have to be there for him. he needs a friend." - mr. morgan's son (david) to sharon (sarah)

conversation between sharon (sarah) and mr. morgan - [my fave part]

mr. morgan: "is that you sarah?"

sharon (sarah): "yes.."

mr. morgan: "thank you for coming"

sharon (sarah): "oh sir.."

mr. morgan: "i want to tell you something.. remember, you said to me u have a *** job.. sometime, when you least expect it, someone will come into your life to make you feel less lonely, less alone. for me, it is you. you care for persons and give them what they lose in life. thanks sarah. job well done.. its lovely to see you.."

sharon (sarah): "lovely to see you too sir.."

"save the kite sarah.." - mr. morgan's last words to sharon (sarah)

conversation between mr. morgan's son (david) and sharon (sarah)

david: "dad wants you to have this.. *hand a book*"

sharon (sarah): "thank you. so, i guess, this is goodbye."

david: "no, i will be keeping in touch.."

sharon (sarah): "bye david.."

david: "don't leave sarah. you're a very good woman.. you've done many things in our family. thank you sarah.."

conversation between sharon (sarah) and makisig (her young filipino friend in london)

sharon (sarah): "so, this is goodbye? bye.."

makisig: "ingat ka ha?"


sharon(sarah): "pakabait ka ha?"

*both cry*

letter of mr. morgan before he died to sharon (sarah):

everything you do is for your husband and son. well, they are lucky indeed that you are their wife and mother. i'm also lucky to have you as my care..

conversation between sharon (sarah) and john (her husband) at the airport

sharon (sarah): "hindi ako sasama sayo.."

john (ted): "ano?"

sharon (sarah): "ayoko nag sumama sa'yo. wala na tayong gagawin sa pilipinas. anong sasabihin ko sa anak ko pagtatanungin niya ako 'ma, anong ginawa mo sa london?' nagpapictureeee! kung nabigo ka, bakit mo ako hihilain pababa?"

john (ted): "dahil asawa mo ako.. kung saan ako, dun ka.."


john (ted): "magsimula uli tayo.."

sharon (sarah): "nagsimula na ako ted. yung hindi ka kasama.."

john (ted): "hindi mo ako pwedeng iwan.."

sharon (sarah): "ted, pwede ba? tapos na ako sa pagiging asawa mo. kaya ko na 'to.."

"tama si mr. morgan, kung uunahan kayo nga takot, pa'no tayo makakapagsimulang makigpagsapalaran?" - sharon (sarah)

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