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when i first saw the trailer of the movie, i already admired it.:galeng: the trailer was composed of the best scenes in the film. it is even heart-warming that is quite persuasive in inviting the movie-goers to watch it..

i was really expecting a lot from the mega star's comeback movie which made me so excited in watching it. right after i arrived at davao city, i dropped my things at my dormitory and headed to sm cinema with my mom for the movie.. two cinemas were open for the same movie. it even made me more excited.

i expected a lot from the movie but then the movie didn't reach my expectations. maybe i was just expecting too much:deadnana:. you can't blame me, the trailer was really nice. suuuupppppeeer. its just that i thought the movie would be really nice as shown on its trailer. well, i found out that its only nice.:)

the movie is about a mother and a wife who wishes to give her family a good life. she decided to work in london as a caregiver. there, she found out that life isn't really bad at all. at first, it was hard for her but on the long run, she was able to make her dreams come true..

my favorite parts of the movie - conversations between sarah (ms. sharon) and mr. morgan:panalo:.. very touching.

i'll post some of the lines i got from the movie soon. i need to sleep by now. bye..

update: okay, here are the lines - CAREGIVER LINES


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