Thursday, June 5

bad schedule.

:takas:walked from one building to the other bulding, from one room to the other room. talked to one person every other forty-five minutes. waited for forms to be filled up for almost half a day. looked for persons who were nowhere to be found. looked for codes and tried to match different class schedules.
those were some of the things i did in for my enrollment. it took me 3 days to finish the enrollment process.. hay. consequences of an irregular student.

i only enrolled 15 units this day.:sabunot: the other 12 units will still be added this coming tuesday. i wish i could get the codes easily. please help me if you can.:help: i'm serious.
these are some of the subjects i have to add:

ACC2/ACC214 - 6 units
ECON111 - 3 units
FIN210 or MGT 210 or MATH230 - 3 units (i have to choose only one)

maximum of 27 units.

here are the subjects i'm already in. i hate my schedule.

HIST111 code: 1-207 time: 1-2:30PM day: tth
ENG111 code: 1-267 time: 11AM-12:30PM day: tth
NS2 code: 1-648 time: 2:35-4:05PM day: tth
FIL1 code: 1-262 time: 7:40-8:40AM day: mwf
FYDP code: 1-607 time: 7:40-9:40AM day: sat
PE1 code: 12-29 time: 10-12AM day: sat

nyaiks. i have a class on saturday. worse, both are scheduled early in the morning. :welga:by the way, the subjects im enrolled in are first year subjects.. i'm an irregular second year student - first year standing. the good thing: second year nako next sem.:jumpnana:

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