all my things are packed but i'm not yet ready to go.

the day has finally come for me to pack my things up and go back to davao for my studies. back to school, back to an abnormal life. LOL. how i wish college life is as easy as high school life. you know, things are harder for me in college - being far away from home, experiencing consequences of an irregular student and meeting people who would either befriend me for what i have or for who i really am. unfortunately, most of the reasons for friendships in college is the first. *sad* another problem i found in college is on my academics. i have to get good grades on every subject i take. i promised myself that i'll never fail any of my subjects again. NEVER i can't afford to bring a collegiate report card to my parents with a failing mark on it. that would be a great shame on me.

*its time to leave*

i just hope that things will be fine this semester. i'll make things happen. :)

♪♪♪day is dawning and i must go♪♪♪

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