Monday, June 30

Bringing The Past

It was a boring Saturday night when some of my high school friends invited me to go out with them. Of course, I said "YES" and spent some of my time (from 6-12MN) with them..

They invited me to a bar hopping but luckily, I said "NO". Yeah, limitations. SELF-LIMITATIONS. i know when to say "yes" and "no".. 

I've had a great time with them.


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Seismology Report

Saturday, June 28

Seismology Report

Ateneo de Davao University
Natural Science and Mathematics Division

Course Code: NS 2
Course Title: Introduction to Physical Sciences
Course Weight: 3 units
Instructor: Dr. Juanito Dasilao, Jr.

Canovas, France Lyle
Cutamora, Algene May
Dela Peña, Noel
Paclauna, Kim Joelu
Padilla, Jerico
Sebio, Christian Dave
Sexcion, Kim


At the end of the report, the students should be able to:
1. Identify the different basic concepts in Seismology.
2. Contrast magnitude from intensity.
3. Know the different scales used by different countries in identifying intensity.
4. Understand how earthquake predictions are made.
5. Learn the safety measures whenever earthquake strikes.

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Hate to Like

Saturday, June 21

Hate to Like

"You can learn to love the things you hate only if you allow yourself to.."

I woke up this morning as early as 5AM not because I'm excited for my Saturday classes but because I have to attend those. If I won't, I would fail and I don't want that to happen.. Around 7AM, I ate my breakfast and got dressed. I faced the mirror for countless times and felt hesitant to go to school. Why? Again, because I was wearing a PE uniform which would be the last thing I would want to wear.. I felt that I looked so awful.

I don't know what I did that I still managed to go to school feeling okay. Maybe because I tried to convince myself that I looked really good on it. Yeah, a matter of mindset. You know me, I just tell myself repeatedly, "Hey algene. you look good.." and then I start feeling good for the rest of the day.. I just smile and smile until the bad feeling fades away.

My PE CLASS started around 10AM just after my FYDP class.. Everything I did in PE was a lot full of fun. I enjoyed our aikido, a japanese martial art, activities. It was really good! Although 85% of our class are boys, the section still gets along well together. For the rest of the semester, we'll be doing aikido! FUN!

"You can learn to love the things you hate only if you allow yourself to.."

I used to hate PE and now, i'm liking it. I know that sooner, I'll learn to love it..:]

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: wearing complete PE uniform at school.
Gossip Girl Starts

Monday, June 16

Gossip Girl Starts

"The on screen couple sizzled real life while on vacation at Mexico."

Wow, I didn't know that Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley (Serena and Dan) are dating in real life. these are some of their exclusive photos compiled in a video.

They're more intimate off screen. For me, they look better together on the show. lol


Update: The link to the video was removed. 

Staging Your Home

Sunday, June 15

Staging Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful experience, whether you live in Anchorage, Houston, or Cincinnati. One of the keys to making sure that your home sells as quickly as possible is staging it well. You want every prospective buyer to walk into your home and immediately be able to imagine themselves living there. So how do you do that?

1. Clean it Up
Obviously you know that you need to keep your house at least a surface level of clean. The counters should be wiped down; the floors should be polished, etc. What we’re talking about here is a deep cleaning. Wash your walls and ceilings. Polish every surface. Make sure that everything is shiny and new looking.
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Back to An Abnormal Life

Saturday, June 14

Back to An Abnormal Life

Hay. classes will start tomorrow. 
Back to school, back to an abnormal life.

How i wish college life is as easy as high school.
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Here's A Story About Feelings

Sunday, June 1

Here's A Story About Feelings

I was in my second year high school when i first used this piece. it was my entry for narrative story and i'm glad that i was given a chance to perform it in front of my classmates and schoolmates.:)

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others including Love.

One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all repaired their boats and left.

Love wanted to persevere until the last possible moment. When the island was almost sinking, Love decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said, "Richness, can you take me with you?" Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you."

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel, "Vanity, please help me!" "I can't help you Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat." Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, "Sadness, let me go with you." "Oh....Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!"

Happiness passed by Love too, but he was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her!

Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come Love, I will take you." It was an elder. Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that he even forgot to ask the elder his name. When they arrived at dry land, the elder went his own way.

Love realizing how much he owed the elder and asked Knowledge, another elder, "Who helped me?" "It was Time," Knowledge answered. "Time?" asked Love.

"But why did Time help me?" Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, "Because, only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is."

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