Friday, May 16

when love begins. (review)

it was last may 9, 2008 that i and my family watched “when love begins” at the cinema1 of sm mall of asia. yes, my dad and brother watched it with us. they didn’t have a choice.. LOL.

anyway, the movie was nice. there were a lot of lessons i’ve gained from it. i must say, it’s worth my php160 and time.

an environmentalist lawyer meets a socialite and liberated girl in boracay. from there starts the “something” between them. i think the right term would be a “pseudo-relationship”. they were going out, having dinner, enjoying every moment and sleeping together but there is nothing going on with them. no commitments, no expectations, nothing. the game last long until they found out they already love one another and worst, on the wrong time – on the time where they can’t..

main characters:
aga muhlach as ben caballero – the environmentalist lawyer, he cares a lot about saving the earth, he blames himself for the death of two children because of the case he won
anne curtis as mitch valmonte – the socialite and liberated girl, she comes from a broken family and doesn’t believe in the so-called things “love”

watch the movie and you’ll really enjoy it.

click here for the quoted lines from the movie.

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