Friday, May 16

two events day.

may 9, 2008 (around 9am)

i just had a good day yesterday. my kuya got married to the girl he loves most and i celebrated my 17th year as “algene”. yeah, yesterday was a two-events day..

yesterday morning, i rolled out of my bed feeling really good because the day i’ve been waiting for a month has come. it’s the first time that i’ll celebrate my birthday away from home and friends(i’m now here at butuan). i want to try something new for myself. what would it like celebrating my special day without my best friends near me? how would i feel having somebody that would steal the crowd’s attention from me? then, i told myself, changes might be so exciting. and yes, i was right about it.

i acted like it was just an ordinary day for me. i started my day by thanking the people who greeted me and took a bath after it. then, i ate my brunch and headed to the room for my make up. when i went there, i saw two amateur make-up artists. what’s worst about the day was that i don’t feel i look good on my make-up.. the artists ruined my noontime. so, i frowned for about an hour and just smiled when i walked down the aisle as the maid of honor. you know me, my frustration fades away easily. for the rest of my special day, i just smiled and thanked God for such a wonderful day.

what’s best about my birthday?

right after the reception, we went home around 8pm and there, i saw a band waiting for us. the family told me, they prepared a late-at-night party for me. the band sang a “happy birthday” song while i was at the music room. it was a surprise! God knows how much i love band. i really enjoyed the night and it’s the best time of my day. the band stopped playing around 4am but i slept earlier because i still have a flight the following day. they just performed for the visitors.

CHANGES are exciting.

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