Saturday, May 3

thanks chemistry 2.

i was a full-time student in ADDU during the second semester (and i’ll still be until i get my degree). i’ve attended all my classes, visited the library during my free time, studied every time i got a chance and set aside all the outings and parties for my studies. even my friends noticed the sudden change in me.. they were wondering why i would say “no” to some of their invitations, why i would not go home late, and why i started planning all the things that i have to do for the day, week and month.. hey, i still go out, hang with my friends, watch movies, sleep during study hours, close my books when they have to be opened BUT i only do it rarely.


the other day, i checked my account in ADDU web. there, i saw my final grades and i was happy about those.

t’s such a relief seeing the outcome of all the things i’ve done for the previous months. those may not be really high compared to my intelligent classmates but those are the grades i’ve worked for.. and besides, i made it.. i’m a candidate for dean’s lister.:)

a clearer view of my grades:

General Psychology = 94
ntroduction to Biological Sciences = 94
undamentals of Accounting = 92
ociety and Culture with Family Planning = 89
undamentals of Computer Software & Applications = 98
esus Christ and Salvation History = 91
athematics of Investment = 88
iteratures of the Philippines = 90

WPA = 92

(note: final grade = average of prelim, midterm and prefinal grades)

thanks chemistry" - because if i didn't fail the subject, i'll probably still be the old and lazy "algene". *LOL*


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