Saturday, May 17

she found the right man.

last tuesday, my family and i checked out at the hotel and headed to the airport for our domestic flight (from manila to butuan). while my dad was checking in our baggage, my mom asked me “san mga alahas ko?”, i answered her, “ewan. basta, i saw it on the table.” i wasn’t bothered by her question because she always misplaced her things and she would fine those later. i didn’t know during that time it was different..

so, he asked my dad about it. my dad also said he didn’t know. she wanted to go back to the hotel to check it but my dad wouldn’t want her to because if she did, she will miss the flight.. my mom felt vulnerable because we kept on blaming her. she didn’t only lose her jewelries (necklace, bracelet, earings) but also mine (necklace, bracelet, ring) because i asked her to keep it. you know, we’re on manila and you just can’t display the things you have there.. while on the plane, my mom wasn’t already talking and she looked very pale..

as soon as we reached butuan, we checked the baggage expecting to find the jewelries. unfortunately, we failed which made my mom look paler this time. she was worried because it costs a lot of money and most, everything was my dad’s gift.. thanks God all the jewelries were not lost because she wore some of it and secured some. it’s time for breakfast and yet, she doesn’t want to eat.. my dad was very angry this time. he wasn’t angry because she lost the jewelries but because of her actions.. my dad hates it most when we don’t eat meals together and whenever he sees mom not feeling good about some things..

to make my mom feel good, he said that he would rather lose everything than losing us – his family. i knew he meant it because if not, he would have had beaten and scolded my mom which i never saw he did.. don’t you see it? my mom is more important than the jewelries. for dad, she is more important than money.. the money (about 100k) lost could have paid my one-year college education but all of sudden, it was lost.. my dad didn’t care about it for he knew that he can replace those. what he is afraid of losing is us..

my mom found the right man that loves her most. so as my dad.. he found the right woman. and oh, i have the right parents who are perfectly together..

by the way:
what happened maybe a test for their relationship because after five hours, the jewelries were recovered. thanks for my kuya (a cousin) who flew to manila and checked the hotel..

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