Thursday, May 15

please pray.

Original message from Stephen Eric:

From Sarah Gohetia:

Dear friends and lasallians,

please offer a very sincere prayer for Mrs. Stella Tingson (former jbc teacher)... she is going through a tough time this week...last may 2 early morning, te cleofe (a Filipino friend here in Indonesia) rang me and told me that mdm stella was brought to our company clinic because she had a stroke. Things went fast...the next thing I knew i saw her in the ambulance with oxygen because she will be brought to Awal Bros Hospital ...then around 8 in the morning all Filipino friends were in the hospital and knew mdm stella was in the stroke recovery room..left side of her body can't move,potassium level very low,heartbeat not normal,calcium also was low, blood pressure had reached 210...we knew too that she had a little bleeding on her brain...all day all the Filipino friends who were there keep changing turns to attend to her and support sir banie...that day too we knew that her doctor suggested for a brain surgery but most of the Filipino friends opted for a second opinion..the following day she was airlifted to one of the hospital in Singapore since her blood pressure was quite ok for travel...when they reached Singapore, sir banie called me that her BP had dropped to 130 which was kind a relief for all of us... the last few days she was still in the ICU but the doctors said if her BP would continue to be low and will be back to normal then she will be out in the ICU after 3 days...her doctors found out on the 3rd day that she had a 2cm cyst in her kidney that produces adrenaline which is the cause why her BP won't be she was still taken care in the ICU still until yesterday on Mother's day...Sir banie texted me this "Hi day sarah.nakagawas na c stela sa icu.nia na cya ward.murag hotel man ang ila ward dinhe. Free internet. wala lang ko laptop" it was like a relief hearing this one from sir banie...BUT when i woke up early this morning with a text from te doreen that mdm stella had her operation because her blod clot was swollen already...sir banie called me after few minutes..things didnt registered in my senses..all i could hear from him was his voice telling me to pray...:c i dont know how we both ended because i was also crying too..later this afternoon,mdm stella is in coma state.... :C PLEASE LET'S HAVE A PRAYER MARATHON FOR MDM STELLA...I BEG...PRAYER FOR HER RECOVERY...PRAYER FOR SIR BANIE TO KEEP GOING..PRAYER FOR BAN2 AND TADZ TO BE STRONG..PRAYER FOR THEIR WHOLE FAMILY...
i am very affected of what had happened because they were my parents here while i'm away from home!


please do pray for madam stella. she was a good english teacher and a nice friend to me while i was still a highschool student at dlsjbc. how i wish i recieved this email earlier so that i have visited her while i was still at sin. PLEASE PRAY not only for her but to all the other persons who need our prayers..

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