Friday, May 16

mother's day.

my mom must be one of the lucky mothers in this world who celebrated the mother’s day last may 11, 2008. what made her lucky? of course, she has me and my brother plus she is paired with such a nice husband that would help her raise a good and happy family.

i always believe in the saying “mother knows best”. she never brought me down even if i kept on frustrating her. she always know what’s best for me. too bad, i only realize she is right only after i failed to listen to her and experience the consequence of ignoring what she said. my mom is such a blessing. i can always shout to people that she’s my mom. i was never ashamed of having her as my mother and i never will.. isn’t good having someone who loves you unconditionally?

her day as a mother was celebrated at singapore. my dad made sure that she’ll remember the day for the rest of her life.. yeah, my dad is a family man and she never made my mom feel unimportant..

ohhhhh, it’s such a nice feeling having a mother like her. i guess, you have the same feeling too..

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