Saturday, May 31

i used to be one.

i was cleaning my room when i found out a blue book under my table. i checked it out and realized that it was the blue book i used on my final exam in ah1.. i scanned the pages and smiled. i'm glad because i passed the exam. on its last pages, i saw the composition i made..
here is it:

An Experience and Lessons I Will Treasure

Everything will come to an end. My stay in the University of the Philippines in Mindanao is almost over. I will be transferring into another university next semester which would mark my end as a student of UPMin. (this is sad algene - prof. quintero commented)

Life in UP is not easy. As a student, I have experienced many things I thought I never would and learned lessons from the mistakes I made.

As mentioned earlier, life in UP taught me a lot of lessons. Some of these are suggested readings are mandatory, a grade of 1 is near to impossible and professors praise no one. In my course, BS Biology, suggested readings are mandatory. I can't come to my classes with an air-head. I must be able to read at least three chapters of Campbell's Biology book, Chang's Chemisty book and Leithold's Algebra book in order for me to understand my lessons. A grade of flat one is unachievable in the university especially if your course is in college of science and mathematics, like I do. One is near to impossible for me because I am loaded with not just one lab report but three and papers from my GE courses. Yes, professors praise no one. They seldom give credits to their students.

I learned a lot of things but the most significant lesson I learned is being able to express the real me. UP has taught me to be free of being the real person. I am able to show others that I am not a pretentious girl. I am able to wear the clothes I want, say the words I think, do the things I plan and most, express myself. Being a freshman is not easy. It requires a lot of adjustments but because I was enrolled in UP, where people surrounding me are real persons, being a freshman was made easy.

The memories I have in the University of the Philippines in Mindanao will always remain in me. The friendship I found in a four-walled classroom will still be nourished. I am indeed sad in leaving the university. I have no choice but to follow what my parents want. I am glad and will always be proud that I have experienced my first semester in college at a prestigious university. I will be glad to say, "I was once a UPian".

Date of Exam: Oct. 3, 3007
Professor: Genevieve Quintero, Ph. D.
Grade: 2.0 (low but not bad.)

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