Monday, May 26

the hottie and the nottie.

i was checking out the reviews about this movie and i've found that most reviews were bad. well, i'm not going to say something bad about the movie, especially about paris. i just can't understand why almost everybody hates her so much. i don't idolize her but i think she deserves some respect.:)

okay, let's talk about her new movie - the hottie and the nottie


++ the hottie cristabel - played by paris hilton; the prettiest, sexiest and hottest girl alive in LA; every guy would want to be with this near to perfection goddess
++ the nottie june - the hottie's best friend since the first grade; the complete opposite of cristabel; hideously deformed; very ugly; unloved; every guy would not dare to date her
++ nate cooper - the guy who loved and liked the hottie since the first grade; on the long run, he realized he loved the nottie

nate cooper moves back to los angeles to find the girl he's had a crush on ever since he was six-years-old - cristabel (the hottie). reconnecting with the love of his life, he finds out that she refuses to go anywhere without her super-homely best friend june (the nottie). even though nate tries to fix june up so he can have cristabel all to himself, he realizes that all guys run from the sight of this unsightly gal. nate's next plan is to give june an extreme makeover, which also uncovers june's extremely attractive personality.. he later realized that the hottie is not the girl meant for him, instead it was the nottie..

i find the movie good. i admit, it's not something that should be given movie awards but it's something every girl who has a low-self esteem should watch.. the heiress did good on the movie too. please stop saying that the movie sucks and showing that you're a loser!


the hot and the not.:)


- loving one's own self is a must
- everybody deserves love and respect
- birds having different feathers can flock together
- real friends exist

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