Monday, May 26

the hottie and the nottie lines.

paris is not a bitch from hell. she is just confident and doesn’t allow anybody to look her down. let’s just say, she is one of the persons who helped me love myself more. according to her, “as long as a girl is confident, she is sexy”. thanks paris, i like you.

her new movie, the hottie and the nottie, tells us more about loving life and one’s ownself. it’s not something that should be nominated for any movie awards, but it’s something that girls should watch. read more – click here for my review.

below are some of the lines i got from her movie:

you are what you eat.” – hottie (paris)

just be yourself” – hottie

conversation between the hottie (the sexiest and prettiest girl alive in LA) and nottie (her ugly best friend)

nottie: “the only male attention is get is when they crawl towards me to get you.

hottie: “you know, i heard from somewhere that 95% of the way others see you is the way you see yourself. stop being self conscious around guys.

nottie: “what am i supposed to do? pretend that they are all blind?

hottie: “i’m just saying, you could be a little subtle.

conversation between nape (the guy who is desperately inlove with the hottie) and arnold (his best friend)

arnold: “thirdly, lie.

nape: “lie? i thought, the most important role in the relationship is to be honest.

arnold: “wait. are you a former marine who graduated from harvard? *referring to the other guy who likes the hottie* i have one word for you my friend, lie.

arnold: “we gotta figure out something you are really good at.

nape: “okay. okay. figure out what i’m good at.. i don’t know. what am i good at?

arnold: “ah, you used to be good at climbing the rope in gym class.

nape: *sigh*

conversation between nape and the hottie.


nape: “he’s the perfect! he’s the male version of you.

nape: “i’m out of your league.

hottie: “you know what, i’m out of your league. you can’t sing, you can’t dance, you’re a terrible athlete and you’re a crappy liar.

nape: “i made mistakes. i lied. i’m not perfect. it’s still me, nate cooper.

hottie: “i’m sorry nape. it’s over.

once i put my mind into something, i always get what i want.” – the perfect man who likes the hottie

conversation between nape and the nottie (this time, she is already beautiful).

nape: “he doesn’t love you. he said that you would be grateful.

nottie: i am grateful. you don’t get it, do you?

nape: “i don’t know.

nottie: “i’ve never even had *silence* a boy friend.

nape: “he doesn’t get you. he doesn’t deserve you.

nottie: “oh you think, people get what they deserve.

nape: “i don’t know. maybe yeah. you know, if they are not willing to compromise. if they are not willing to settle for anything less.

conversation between nape and the hottie:

nape: “i think i just want to talk.

hottie: “okay, sure.

nape: “uhm, it’s just. why me?

hottie: “what do you mean?

nape: there are a million guys who would kill to be sitting here with you, right now. why did you pick me?

hottie: “i didn’t pick you.

nape: “you didn’t?

hottie: “no. it was fate, magic, serendipity.

nape: “right, that was what i thought too.

nape: “listen, ever since he first grade, i thought that you are the girl that i’m meant to be with.

hottie: “and now, you think you made a mistake?

nape: “let us put it this way, i think i gave the valen card to the right girl.

hottie: “oh my god, you have to go tell her..

don’t say a word. i came here not to tell you that he doesn’t deserve you which you figured out yourself. and not to tell you that i am in love with you which i am, desperately. my entire life, something has been holding me back from falling in love and i thought it was cristobel (the hottie). listen, i don’t deserve you ‘cause i didn’t take time to know who you were. and you have to know that you’re the girl that every guy wants to be with.” – nape *talking to the nottie*

the movie is good. watch it. :)

♪♪♪i am beautiful, no matter what they say. yes, words won’t let me down.♪♪♪


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