Friday, May 23

his wedding.

he married the right woman, she married the right man. i just hope that they’ll always think and feel that they both made the right decision.. things ran swiftly. we didn’t even notice that we already spent a lot of time, efforts and (of course, the number one need) money to get everything done on their wedding day.. i’m really glad ‘cause i’ve been a part of the preparations and most, they owe me a lot! they got married on the same day of my 17th birthday..

i was the one who designed and printed the names to be placed on their give aways. i really volunteered so that they'll always remember that i did something for their happiness.

the lovely give-aways - 5 different designs

the day has finally come and everybody were very busy doing their own thing for the wedding..

i really hate my make-up artist! he's so amateur! imagine, he kept on changing my hair style for five times. the ending: an ugly and simple style. i hate it! but still, i managed..

a picture with the groom and my family (before the wedding ceremony)

the wedding ceremony

whee. my sexy back. *LOL*.

they were pronounced husband and wife. best wishes for them..

right after the wedding pictures..

reception held at villa isabella resort, butuan city..

the maid of honor.:)

my bubbly and socialite cousin. haha..

brownies model. *LOL*


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