high pride.

one of my posts in tristancafe pinoy forums.

i felt bad because no matter what i do, he won't forgive me..:sad:

around 6pm this evening, my 'kada and i decided to have a get-together at our friend's house. so, i went to jhang's place and found out that there were only five of us present. they asked me, "asan si paul?". i answered, "we're not yet friends. remember?".. they kept on texting my guy friend asking him to go to where we are. one of his replies was: "am i still your friend?".. ouch. it hurts like hell.

i said "sorry" to him a hundred times and yet he hasn't forgiven me. grabhe talaga ang pride ng mga boys. i even went to his dad's shop this night and asked him to forgive me. ayun, wala pa ring nangyari..


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