Monday, May 19

"he" has two choices.

the time has come for him to go back abroad. he would stay there again for 10 long months, work hard to earn dollars and experience being away from home.. everything, he would do to keep his family living..

i know he doesn't want to leave yet. or i must say, he no longer wants to go back to papua new guinea. he just wants to stay here in the philippines and spend every second of his life with his family. unfortunately, he only has two choices - either to stay here and let his family suffer poverty or to work abroad and let them get more than what they needed. of course, he have to choose the second one. and so, he did..

"he" is my dad - the one who's willing to do everything he can to give us the kind of life every person in this world would love to live. it hurts seeing him pack his things for his flight.. ohh, i can't help but cry without him and my mom seeing me. i don't want them to see me cry. i don't want them to see me hurt cause i know, they would feel a hundred times my pain.:(

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