hard proof.

for the very first time, i'll talk about american politics and how i would want barack obama to win on the coming presidential election. i always believe that people must have equal treatments and rights. black americans should not be discriminated by the white americans. they deserve respect and TRUST.

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american people are known to be freedom lovers and the leading promoter of democracy. they condemned slavery on the african people within the continent which had opted to the well-known civil war among its citizens during the early century.. black americans were facing severe discrimination before under the hands of the whites which were contradictory to their ideology of freedom and equality. some years ago or even until now, black people were treated as the second class citizen.

now black american strive to rise into power to show that they have also the right and capacity to lead the country to implement the real freedom and unity in the person of obama. but i don’t think if the white american people are confident with the leadership of this black politician.. every single individual could really say that barack obama is a man of good leadership but many white people aimed to destroy him using left and right issue.

if majority of the white people will sincerely support barack obama, then i could say that america is really fighting for liberty and universal unity but if obama will lose based on the racial issue then i could say that their ideology of freedom is very hard to prove to the eyes of the world..


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  1. same could be said about the gender issue : l o l :

  2. yeah. boys and girls must be equal. :)


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