Wednesday, May 28

food trip.

foods! foods! foods! hay. my saturday (may 24) was spent with my two best friends at ocean view park where we ate all the foods that we can. we ordered a lot and undoubtedly, nothing was wasted. kami pa. LOL.

anyway, it wasn't just an ordinary food trip like we usually do. at the same time, it was a despidida for kenna because she would be going back to bukidnon for her studies. it means, we'll be seeing each other again after five long months.. we made the most out of everything during our stay at ocean view park. we ate much and drink little..:)

hay. i enjoyed my day with them..

by the way:
look, kenna is slimmer than i do. i hate it 'cause i used to be sexier than her. ouch. the "used-to" hurts. argh! how can i stop myself from eating much? big problem, really big.

here are some of the pictures taken:

ahy, ken. stop hurting stripes. (at my room)

we love stripes. it was kenny who named the stuff between us.

so happy together.:) (at kenny's room)

grabhe, we have to walk a hundred steps up before we could reach the place. anyway, it was worth the walk.

kenny took this picture. i's really nice, isn't it?

yeah, we only drink little. just san mig light.

our first orders - spaghetti and halo-halo.

are you thinking what we're thinking? hmmn..

cheers! :)

do we really have to use knives and forks for burgers? hay. we ate the burgers on the simplest way we know.

i love the effect. nice.

we'll always be holding unto each other.

she used to drink milk. now: BEER. lol.

on our stupid poses.

we don't only share foods. we also share almost everything we have.:)

with our dear photographer - kenny. he's not just a photographer. he's a good best friend of mine.:)

so happy together.:)

more pictures at:


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