Wednesday, May 28


it was about 2:30 AM when i recieved an instant message on my yahoo messenger from a good old friend - mon. he said: "hi algene. :D" then the next message was: "bored din ako. :D" i was already typing my reply when i recieved his third message: "hulaan mo sino to. :D" then, the fun started there.. i asked him for clues but he didn't give me any. so, i said my first guess right away and yes, i was right - it was neil!

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in the middle of our conversation:

monz 58: algene, may nakapagsabi na ba sau...

monz 58: na kamukha mo si beauty? :))

monz 58: *rolling on the floor laughing*

Algene May Cutamora: huy!

Algene May Cutamora: wala pa..

Algene May Cutamora: nakakainis ka talaga bha..

monz 58: im the first one!

monz 58: hahaha..

monz 58: weee!

monz 58: :D

monz 58: hahahaa..

Algene May Cutamora: yeah, you're right..

monz 58: :D

Algene May Cutamora: na ikaw pa yung nauuna..

Algene May Cutamora: hay, i don't like her bya..

monz 58: hahaha.. lingaw man! na pareha kau. haha..

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imagine, he compared me to beauty of pbb teen housemate? hay. i hate it when i'm compared to other persons. i don't know why. it's just that i simply hate it. LOL. but hey, i didn't get angry with him. i just told him that i'm not like beauty..

anyway, to NEIL: thanks for the chat. i'm going to sleep now. enjoy your stay at mon's house and send my regards to everybody.


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