the big boy.

if you spend some of your night time watching the abs-cbn shows (primetime bida), you'll recognize the person in the picture above. but in case that you don't, let me introduce to you this big yet cute guy.. he is mikan ong, a pbb teen house player who stayed inside big brother's house for two weeks. uhm, that's all i know about mikan.

maybe, you're wondering why i'm talking about him even if i don't know him much. well, it's just that i can see my old friend in him. he makes me miss my old chubby friend!

my friend's name who looks like mikan is jeff. i met him at upmin during my first semester in college. it was during on a bloc encounter that i first saw him and heard his voice. on the same event, we elected him as the leader of our bloc - bsbio 07 bloc3.. for the whole sem, we shared happy and sad moments..we have a cat-and-dog relationship. we fought over stupid things and ignored each other for hours then, we're friends again. i also treated him like a big brother and he also treated me like his little sister..

ohhhhh, i miss him so much! the last time i've talked to him was three months ago. so sad. =(

here are some of the pictures we have:

working on our lab experiment.

i look so small!

the bloc3 on red. (absent: van and yuri)

he is one of those guys. dance! dance!

spot him. di halatang he's big. *peace jeff*

swimming at mergrande pool. look at jeff's expression!

pahabol pa si jeff oh!

what's with the expression jeff? huh?

he's at the back oh!

after the swimming. hayyy.

his tongue is out!

yes, only the two of us!

to mr. jefferson bersalona, i miss you big boy. for real.:)


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