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I never thought i would enjoy the valentine's day of the year. In fact, I woke up late yesterday because nothing excites me from waking up early.. I only stayed at the dorm until 2PM. I didn't even go out for lunch. I just called "Bruncher" and ordered a meal. I took a bath really late because I thought I have a class on my mathematics of investment. when i got into my classroom, a classmate told me that our teacher announced last tuesday (i was absent then) that there will be no class on the 14th. What happened made me feel more uncomfortable. I went back to my dorm and looked for something to eat. I checked my food locker and found nothing edible. I checked the refrigerator and just found a juice in can which i don't feel like drinking yesterday.. I checked the dvds holder and realized that the dvd i want to watch was missing.. then, I saw the "notting hill" dvd which I haven't watched yet. I sat on the sofa and played the movie. On the middle of the movie, a classmate of mine texted me and told me that we will not have a class on Theology. I was really shouting my heart out because I can rest. Minutes after, she texted me again and told me that we have to attend our theo class for the evaluation and film viewing. See, I recieved a lot of misfortunes yesterday..

All of a sudden, the misfortunes were replaced by blessings. I attended my Theo class about 4:30PM and from that time started my luck. I got brownies and balloons from a special friend. Then, after my Theo class, I headed to F304 for my sociology class. I was the first student in the room. Next who got in the room was my Socio teacher (whom i hated a li'l bit). I offered her some brownies (I was eating that time and it's really uncomfortable to just let her watch me as I take bites) and she accepted it. We talked for about 15 minutes about my plan on proceeding to law after my graduation (that is, if i pass all my accouting major classes. lol). I was glad because she said i'm good in analysis and I will not fail if ever I enter the world of proper law. in the middle of our conversation, my classmates came. We started our class by a prayer. I don't know what got into my teacher that she told me to stand up and sit on a chair she called as the "hot seat". She then faced my classmates and told them to ask me any questions they want for it was valentine's. I was really ashamed but a part of me was really happy.. the class was ended about 7:30PM by a prayer.. I thought that would end the excitement of my valentine's day. before I went home, I passed by the church and prayed.. I reached the dorm and realized that i was alone again. Most of my dorm mates were out on dates.

I was again sitting on the sala and recieved a text message from my friends asking me if I can go out with them. i know it was sad to just stay in the dorm and yet, I still told them that I can't. I was on my way to the telephone to call "bruncher" to ask them to deliver me a meal for dinner when the guard called my attention. She told me that there was a group of boys and girls waiting for me outside the dorm. I checked it out and found out my friends were there. Instead of having an ordered dinner, I decided to go out with them. Who can say "no" to friends who really gave their effort to fetch me. The boys even gave me roses. Overall, it was a very good day.

at the end of the day, i said to myself that i just had the best valentine's day ever.ü

bottomline (i know the post is too long): i enjoyed yesterday's season of hearts.


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