What Qualities Every Man Wants in a Woman

I got this list from a school mate.


Charm is what draws men to those women who are not as good-looking as the others in their black book. Charm is what pulls men back to women even after they burn them. Charm is the one thing that lets women get away with anything.

A good body

Men may not admit this to women, but when they are walking down the street with their partners, they want to show their women off. Show off what? The crazy curves and full figure of the woman. And that is the honest truth.

A beautiful face

This one will stand the test of time. While this should not be the top characteristic, it is helpful to admit that men must find a woman who will please their eyes.

Honesty and Trust

Men want someone they can confide in. The most successful relationships are built upon trust, candour and honesty; anything else is equivalent to building a house on quicksand. So men, be honest with your woman if you want her to be honest with you.

Sense of Humor

This will forever remain a priority for any man. Men need a woman who will put a smile on their faces when things are gloomy.

Intelligence and Confidence

Previous generations probably preferred a smart woman - not just book smart, but also street smart. But truth be told - many men did not want an overly smart woman, after all, it would be too hard to tame and control her. So, intelligence is needed, but in small quantities.

Ambition and Drive

If a partner is what a man seeks, then he will have to find a woman who will challenge him and stir him emotionally. So, a perfect woman is one who is not afraid to pursue her dreams and goals in life.

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