Thanks M3!

My first days in Ateneo de Davao University weren't really easy. I was a complete stranger to the place then. I failed in finding the location of the rooms I have to go. I asked people (whom I don’t know) for directions. I went in and out to 0different rooms for my admission.Lastly, I found myself in the middle of a crowd where I was the only one walking alone.

Remember, I entered the university on the second semester where everybody already found the group and place they belong..

Another thing that made my first days in my new university hard was the new adjustments I have to make again. Again ‘cause I already did many changes to myself during my stay in UP in order for me to fit to the “in” crowd. 

I knew that the modifications I have to undergo in ADDU will be harder than my old university. Upians are laid back persons who do not really care on how they look and how people see them; instead, they act the way they wanted to even if other people would not like it. Their attitude helped me ease the difficulties in my adjustments to them and to the new environment. That is why I love UP.

On the contrary, I heard that Ateneans are the kind of persons who would fake any thing in their lives just to get the attentions and praises of the people surrounding them. That means that I have to choose the persons I’ll hang and study with carefully. Of course, I don’t want to be a pretentious person just to be a part of certain cliques nor I want to be with lying-to-their-own-selves kind of friends.

It was on the 7th day of November 2007 when I started to attend my classes, met my new classmates, and explored the new environment. I entered every classroom feeling out of place because I knew that I’m just an outsider entering into a completely different world where people living there would not accept a new comer like me.

Then, on that same day, I met my first friends in Ateneo – the 1BSA-M3 students. At first, I convinced myself that they’re just pretending to be somebody they’re not. They’re just trying to be good at me because I’m a transferee. They treated me nice. actually, nicer than I ever thought they would. As days go by, I found out that not all Ateneans have the bad attitude of being liars. Only a few of them. *LOL* I was glad because they made me feel that I really belong to their class even if I’m just a new-comer. They were the persons I shared my time and heart with. Honestly, I appreciate the friendship we’ve shared. It was through them that I reached my goal for the semester – to qualify for being a dean’s lister. 

They were composed of intelligent students who graduated in high school as valedictorian and gained honors. most of them are university scholars who maintain good grades. It would be a great shame for somebody like me who was once a Upian to fail my subjects especially when they can notice it. Ah, to tell you, they expect me to excel just like them because as what I’ve mentioned earlier, I had my first semester at a university known to be academically excellent. Because also of them, I felt that I belong to a certain group that doesn’t go together for parties and merry makings but instead because of academics.

I’ve learned a lot from them. They taught me on how to prioritize my studies than going out with friends, on how to be a good student to teachers and on how to survive the hardships of being an accountancy student.

My first semester in Ateneo will affect my remaining days in the university. I’m glad that i met them and made my adjustments a little bit easier that i expected.

To all M3 students, thank you for being with me during my first semester in ADDU. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better student. You’ve made great changes on the way I study and most, on the way I live my life. 

I’ll never forget you. See you this June.

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