The King of My Life

Since my dad came home from his work abroad, he never missed waking me up in the morning with a kiss on my cheek. Every time he does it, I feel really proud that I have a father like him. The way he treated me when I was still a little kid did not change now that i’m already in my teenage years. I’m still his little princess.

Well, maybe because I’m the only girl in the family (hey, i’d love to have baby sister) and surely because he loves me.

We only see each other for two months per year because the remaining months are spent on his work abroad. His work is one of the reasons why our family is having a good life — why my mom can cook any recipe she would want to, why my brother can play online games anytime and why i can buy the things I want to have.

We might not see each other for 10 long months but we talk on the phone everyday except only when he’s here in the Philippines and when he’s on a camp. Yeah, believe it or not, he calls the family everyday. When I was still in Davao for my studies, he calls me first before calling my mom and brother in our hometown. He always check on us because he cares. He also knows that communication is really important to keep our family bond strong. 

He is absolutely the best.

Every day, he gives me a reason to love him more and to be happy with the family he and my mom have brought up. It’s really good to have a father like him who cares and loves me every second of his life.

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