Important "She"

One of the important persons of my life celebrated her birthday last Saturday. I know she was so happy on that day because her 41st year in this world was remembered by the persons she loved most – her family. 

I also felt the same happiness she felt on that day. I was happy because she have been living her life for 41 years already and she never gave up on it. If she did, i’ll probably not be around writing this thing. I must say, I owe my life to her..

17 years ago, she had two choices – either to give birth to a child or not to. Luckily, she chose the first one and I’m glad she did it. If she didn’t make that choice, I will miss my chance of experiencing what it’s like to be living in this world.. 

Just after she gave birth to me, she had again another two choices – either to raise me up and make me feel she want me as a daughter or the opposite of the first. Being lucky for the second time around, she chose the first one. she raised me up with a loving father and both of them made me feel I’m always wanted.

She have been suffering and enjoying the consequences of the choices she made years ago. And I have been giving her a lot of reasons why she should never regret the day she decided to give birth to me. I’m so blessed for having a mother like her.

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