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Posted by algene may on Oct 13, '07 5:31 PM for everyone

I haven't slept last night because I watched the full episode of Hana Yuri Dango which shows an ordinary girl happy with her family (Hey, I didn't tell you that I'm not happy with my family). She is a young girl who is sent by her parents on a good school despite their status which is below the poverty line. She has a younger brother who shows love in a unique way. That is, by bullying her. Her parents are doing all the best they can to provide her and his brother the things necessary for a person’s survival.

I can relate to the movie because my family is pictured out on the film. My parents are doing all the best they can to provide me and my younger brother all the things we need in this world. My father, an OFW, is not with me every day of the month of the year. I spend season with him for just a month or two. I understand why my father has to leave our country and work abroad. What kind of life can the Philippines offer? I’m talking about practicality here. So, don’t get me wrong. Maybe I can do something for the Philippine’s economy in the near future. Just wait till I finish my Bachelor’s degree or probably the Doctorate’s. Am I being too ambitious here? Hehe. Sorry for that. It’s just that I have plans for my future, not just for myself nor for my family but for the whole society I belong.

The movie made me realized one thing: I AM BLESSED FOR BELONGING TO A HAPPY FAMILY. The miles and oceans that separate me from my father is not a hindrance for me to appreciate the beauty of the family in which I belong. My dad works abroad to provide me and my younger brother more of what we need. On the other hand, my mom who has always been with us gives us a lot of reasons for us to love our family. My little brother, who keeps bullying me, shows that our parents deserve our smiles. Oh, THANK YOU GOD. I have a GOOD FAMILY - a family who does not consider money as the root of our happiness. Happiness in our family is not defined by living in a mansion nor eating on a royal dining table but keeping our smiles in times of troubles. 

I guess, you too guys, should be happy with the family you have right now. You owe everything to them. Thank your Superior Being, Whoever He is, for giving you the real persons who would never leave.

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