constant question, "why?"

from left to right: renren, algene (me), brizza, shangy and annevi..

the picture above was taken by kenny around 9pm of april 26. within it are the persons i talked with from 7pm to 12 m idnight last saturday. we didn’t notice the time because we really enjoyed talking about each other’s life. it was a night full of laughers, smiles and realizations..

one of the topics raised by renren was about my height. she asked me, “why are you not tall?” i answered her, “we actually have the same question ren. why? why? why? why am i not tall?” then, my cousin annevi answered me, “nobody is perfect, diba?.” i just laughed at them and said, “yeah, maybe. because if i’m tall, i would be perfect.” they all laughed and said i was “feeling”. they didn’t know that it’s my only way to make myself feel better. i am contended in everything that i have in life. i can’t seem to ask for more except for additional inches to add on my height.. i know that i would be happier if i am taller but i always should be happy with what i have.. the topic about how petite i am was changed and was completely forgotten until we stopped our conversations..

right after i bid them goodbye, i headed to my room and faced the mirror to have a better view of myself. i then grabbed my little book and wrote down what i felt that night. and here is what i wrote:

i’m tired of answering the same question over and over again. i hate it every time other persons remind me about the thing i lack.. thanks God, i’m a positive thinker. i only have think of the good things that i possess and then, i feel good again. all i need is to remind myself that my imperfections are the things that make other people notice me. this is me – God’s masterpiece.. i have to love myself..

I LOVE MYSELF. and i’m glad i always do.


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