The Best Friend

I spent the whole day watching movies, eating cakes, reading articles and chit-chatting with my best friend. We stayed in my little room from noon to evening. We watched "Bring It On - All or Nothing" and "Sweet November." We already watched those films but we decided to watch it again because we just want to. You know girls.. We also talked about the good and bad times we've been together while eating on the cakes my mom baked. 

I really enjoyed my day with her.

It was not only this day that we did those things. Whenever we have time, we always make sure to bond like crazy best friends! It's just that it feels good doing the things you want with somebody you really like. 

Her name is Kenna and she's the best friend I've ever had. We started as great enemies way back our first year in high school. Nothing good comes out from our mouth whenever we talk about each other. The cold fight was ended during our second year when a friend of mine bridged the gap between us. We were already friends but we didn't really talk much. On our third year, we started talking to each other and hanging out as real friends. In our last year in high school, we became classmates and started to see the beauty of one another.

As time passes by, we realized that we have something in common and we'll be a good pair of friends. Then, we became best friends. Who would have thought that my worst enemy would be my best friend in the end? Up to this moment, we can still remember how our roads crossed. Then, we start laughing. *LOL*

Ohh, it's such a relief knowing that I have somebody who would understand me the way I really am aside from my family. It's good to have her in my life. 

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