Important "She"

Tuesday, April 29

Important "She"

One of the important persons of my life celebrated her birthday last Saturday. I know she was so happy on that day because her 41st year in this world was remembered by the persons she loved most – her family. 

I also felt the same happiness she felt on that day. I was happy because she have been living her life for 41 years already and she never gave up on it. If she did, i’ll probably not be around writing this thing. I must say, I owe my life to her..

17 years ago, she had two choices – either to give birth to a child or not to. Luckily, she chose the first one and I’m glad she did it. If she didn’t make that choice, I will miss my chance of experiencing what it’s like to be living in this world.. 

Just after she gave birth to me, she had again another two choices – either to raise me up and make me feel she want me as a daughter or the opposite of the first. Being lucky for the second time around, she chose the first one. she raised me up with a loving father and both of them made me feel I’m always wanted.

She have been suffering and enjoying the consequences of the choices she made years ago. And I have been giving her a lot of reasons why she should never regret the day she decided to give birth to me. I’m so blessed for having a mother like her.

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Horton Hears A Who

Monday, April 28

Horton Hears A Who

I like the animated film. it is full of lessons about life.:)

The synopsis: The movie tells the story of Horton the Elephant who, on the fifteenth of May in the Jungle of Nool, hears a small speck of dust talking to him. It turns out the speck of dust is actually a tiny planet, home to a city called "Whoville", inhabited by microscopic-sized inhabitants known as Whos. (From Wikipedia)

The Whos ask Horton (who, though he cannot see them, is able to hear them quite well) to protect them from harm, to which Horton happily obliges, proclaiming throughout the book that "a person's a person, no matter how small". In doing so he is ridiculed and forced into a cage by the other animals in the jungle for believing in something that they are unable to see or hear. His chief tormentors are Vlad Vladikoff, the Wickersham Brothers and the Sour Kangaroo, and the small kangaroo in her pouch. Horton tells the Whos that they need to make themselves heard to the other animals, lest they end up being boiled in "Beezelnut Oil", which they finally accomplish. The Whos finally make themselves heard by ensuring that all members of their society play their part. In the end it is a "very small shirker named Jo-Jo" whose final addition to the volume creates enough lift for the jungle to hear the sound, thus reinforcing the moral of "a person's a person no matter how small."

Now convinced of the Whos' existence, Horton's neighbors vow to help him protect the tiny community.

Lessons learned:

- A person is a person, no matter how small he is.
- We must not degrade anybody surrounding us, especially ourselves. No matter how small we are in our eyes and in the eyes of others, we are persons. We deserve respect, trust and love.
- Do not think that you are greater nor lesser than somebody. It would make you feel bitter.
- Love and trust yourself, you deserve it.
- Once you made a promise, do it.:)

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The Best Friend

Friday, April 25

The Best Friend

I spent the whole day watching movies, eating cakes, reading articles and chit-chatting with my best friend. We stayed in my little room from noon to evening. We watched "Bring It On - All or Nothing" and "Sweet November." We already watched those films but we decided to watch it again because we just want to. You know girls.. We also talked about the good and bad times we've been together while eating on the cakes my mom baked. 

I really enjoyed my day with her.

It was not only this day that we did those things. Whenever we have time, we always make sure to bond like crazy best friends! It's just that it feels good doing the things you want with somebody you really like. 

Her name is Kenna and she's the best friend I've ever had. We started as great enemies way back our first year in high school. Nothing good comes out from our mouth whenever we talk about each other. The cold fight was ended during our second year when a friend of mine bridged the gap between us. We were already friends but we didn't really talk much. On our third year, we started talking to each other and hanging out as real friends. In our last year in high school, we became classmates and started to see the beauty of one another.

As time passes by, we realized that we have something in common and we'll be a good pair of friends. Then, we became best friends. Who would have thought that my worst enemy would be my best friend in the end? Up to this moment, we can still remember how our roads crossed. Then, we start laughing. *LOL*

Ohh, it's such a relief knowing that I have somebody who would understand me the way I really am aside from my family. It's good to have her in my life. 
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Thanks M3!

Thanks M3!

My first days in Ateneo de Davao University weren't really easy. I was a complete stranger to the place then. I failed in finding the location of the rooms I have to go. I asked people (whom I don’t know) for directions. I went in and out to 0different rooms for my admission.Lastly, I found myself in the middle of a crowd where I was the only one walking alone.

Remember, I entered the university on the second semester where everybody already found the group and place they belong..

Another thing that made my first days in my new university hard was the new adjustments I have to make again. Again ‘cause I already did many changes to myself during my stay in UP in order for me to fit to the “in” crowd. 

I knew that the modifications I have to undergo in ADDU will be harder than my old university. Upians are laid back persons who do not really care on how they look and how people see them; instead, they act the way they wanted to even if other people would not like it. Their attitude helped me ease the difficulties in my adjustments to them and to the new environment. That is why I love UP.

On the contrary, I heard that Ateneans are the kind of persons who would fake any thing in their lives just to get the attentions and praises of the people surrounding them. That means that I have to choose the persons I’ll hang and study with carefully. Of course, I don’t want to be a pretentious person just to be a part of certain cliques nor I want to be with lying-to-their-own-selves kind of friends.

It was on the 7th day of November 2007 when I started to attend my classes, met my new classmates, and explored the new environment. I entered every classroom feeling out of place because I knew that I’m just an outsider entering into a completely different world where people living there would not accept a new comer like me.

Then, on that same day, I met my first friends in Ateneo – the 1BSA-M3 students. At first, I convinced myself that they’re just pretending to be somebody they’re not. They’re just trying to be good at me because I’m a transferee. They treated me nice. actually, nicer than I ever thought they would. As days go by, I found out that not all Ateneans have the bad attitude of being liars. Only a few of them. *LOL* I was glad because they made me feel that I really belong to their class even if I’m just a new-comer. They were the persons I shared my time and heart with. Honestly, I appreciate the friendship we’ve shared. It was through them that I reached my goal for the semester – to qualify for being a dean’s lister. 

They were composed of intelligent students who graduated in high school as valedictorian and gained honors. most of them are university scholars who maintain good grades. It would be a great shame for somebody like me who was once a Upian to fail my subjects especially when they can notice it. Ah, to tell you, they expect me to excel just like them because as what I’ve mentioned earlier, I had my first semester at a university known to be academically excellent. Because also of them, I felt that I belong to a certain group that doesn’t go together for parties and merry makings but instead because of academics.

I’ve learned a lot from them. They taught me on how to prioritize my studies than going out with friends, on how to be a good student to teachers and on how to survive the hardships of being an accountancy student.

My first semester in Ateneo will affect my remaining days in the university. I’m glad that i met them and made my adjustments a little bit easier that i expected.

To all M3 students, thank you for being with me during my first semester in ADDU. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better student. You’ve made great changes on the way I study and most, on the way I live my life. 

I’ll never forget you. See you this June.
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Thursday, April 24

Mutien Marie

I just want to share a poem I and my old classmates made during our junior year in high school. Ooh, bringing back the memories of them. I miss them a lot..

III – St. Mutien Maries is where I belong
The section that other can’t go along
Many think we are the worst
Without thinking we can be the first

We are composed of many kinds
Which makes our section one of a kind
Each one has different talent and personality
That makes our adviser proud of his advisory

Many problems come to test us
But God is always there to help us
That is, III – St. Mutien Marie
The section that will always be in me.

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The King of My Life

The King of My Life

Since my dad came home from his work abroad, he never missed waking me up in the morning with a kiss on my cheek. Every time he does it, I feel really proud that I have a father like him. The way he treated me when I was still a little kid did not change now that i’m already in my teenage years. I’m still his little princess.

Well, maybe because I’m the only girl in the family (hey, i’d love to have baby sister) and surely because he loves me.

We only see each other for two months per year because the remaining months are spent on his work abroad. His work is one of the reasons why our family is having a good life — why my mom can cook any recipe she would want to, why my brother can play online games anytime and why i can buy the things I want to have.

We might not see each other for 10 long months but we talk on the phone everyday except only when he’s here in the Philippines and when he’s on a camp. Yeah, believe it or not, he calls the family everyday. When I was still in Davao for my studies, he calls me first before calling my mom and brother in our hometown. He always check on us because he cares. He also knows that communication is really important to keep our family bond strong. 

He is absolutely the best.

Every day, he gives me a reason to love him more and to be happy with the family he and my mom have brought up. It’s really good to have a father like him who cares and loves me every second of his life.
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Best Man

Wednesday, April 23

Best Man

“We’re very blessed for having him..” My mom said while looking at the man he married twenty years ago. I gave her a smile to show that I agree with what she just said about my dad.

My mom, bro and I always thank God for giving us such a wonderful man who takes good care of our family. He is the kind of father every son and every daughter in this world would want to have. He is the kind of husband every wife would love to live with. He is the man who never gets tired of doing everything to keep his family happy. He is the person our family would not want to lose.

For my 16 years and 11 months of being a member of our family, I never felt jealous to any other families. I never heard myself say, “I wish he was not my dad..” nor “I hate him because he is my dad..” Instead, I kept saying to myself, “Algene, you’re lucky enough to have a good father.. err, actually, the best dad..” 

My dad never gets tired of reminding me of how blessed I am to be a part of a happy family. Because of him, I can stand tall in crowds feeling complete. He assures me that I have nothing to fear for he loves me..

And I thank him for those things..

He has done many good things for us and I’m sure, he’ll always do.  He is a good husband to my mom and a good father to me and to my brother. He provides us not only with the things we need but also with the things we want. He never let us feel abandoned. He is always there for our family – always there to support us.

It’s good to have him in my life. God has given me the best man I could ever ask for.
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Reference: LIFE.

Reference: LIFE.

Please take time to read this post. I hope you'll get something from it.

From: GOD - The Boss

Reference: LIFE

This is God. Today, I will be handing all of your problems for you. I do not need your help. So, Have a nice day.

I love you.


And remember, if life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, do not attempt to resolve it yourself. Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something fo God to so) box. I will get to it in MY TIME. All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.

Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold it by worrying about it. Instead, focus all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

If you found yourself stuck in traffic, don't despair. There are people in this world for whom driving is an unheard privilege.

Should you grieve the passing of another weekend; think of the woman in dire straits, working twelve hours a day, seven days a week to feed her children.

Should you despair over a relationship gone bad; Think of the person who has never known what it's like to love and be loved in return.

Should you have a bad day at work; think of the man who has been out of work for years.

Should your car break down, leaving you miles aways from assistance; think of the paraplegic who would love the opportunity to take than walk.

Should you notice a new gray hair in the mirror; think of the cancer patient in chemo who wishes she had hair to examine.

Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what is life all about, asking what is my purpose? be thankful. There are those who didn't live long enough to get the opportunity.

Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities. Remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them!

Now, you have a nice day.
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What Qualities Every Man Wants in a Woman

Tuesday, April 22

What Qualities Every Man Wants in a Woman

I got this list from a school mate.


Charm is what draws men to those women who are not as good-looking as the others in their black book. Charm is what pulls men back to women even after they burn them. Charm is the one thing that lets women get away with anything.

A good body

Men may not admit this to women, but when they are walking down the street with their partners, they want to show their women off. Show off what? The crazy curves and full figure of the woman. And that is the honest truth.

A beautiful face

This one will stand the test of time. While this should not be the top characteristic, it is helpful to admit that men must find a woman who will please their eyes.

Honesty and Trust

Men want someone they can confide in. The most successful relationships are built upon trust, candour and honesty; anything else is equivalent to building a house on quicksand. So men, be honest with your woman if you want her to be honest with you.

Sense of Humor

This will forever remain a priority for any man. Men need a woman who will put a smile on their faces when things are gloomy.

Intelligence and Confidence

Previous generations probably preferred a smart woman - not just book smart, but also street smart. But truth be told - many men did not want an overly smart woman, after all, it would be too hard to tame and control her. So, intelligence is needed, but in small quantities.

Ambition and Drive

If a partner is what a man seeks, then he will have to find a woman who will challenge him and stir him emotionally. So, a perfect woman is one who is not afraid to pursue her dreams and goals in life.
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Happy Family

Monday, April 14

Happy Family

Posted by algene may on Oct 13, '07 5:31 PM for everyone

I haven't slept last night because I watched the full episode of Hana Yuri Dango which shows an ordinary girl happy with her family (Hey, I didn't tell you that I'm not happy with my family). She is a young girl who is sent by her parents on a good school despite their status which is below the poverty line. She has a younger brother who shows love in a unique way. That is, by bullying her. Her parents are doing all the best they can to provide her and his brother the things necessary for a person’s survival.

I can relate to the movie because my family is pictured out on the film. My parents are doing all the best they can to provide me and my younger brother all the things we need in this world. My father, an OFW, is not with me every day of the month of the year. I spend season with him for just a month or two. I understand why my father has to leave our country and work abroad. What kind of life can the Philippines offer? I’m talking about practicality here. So, don’t get me wrong. Maybe I can do something for the Philippine’s economy in the near future. Just wait till I finish my Bachelor’s degree or probably the Doctorate’s. Am I being too ambitious here? Hehe. Sorry for that. It’s just that I have plans for my future, not just for myself nor for my family but for the whole society I belong.

The movie made me realized one thing: I AM BLESSED FOR BELONGING TO A HAPPY FAMILY. The miles and oceans that separate me from my father is not a hindrance for me to appreciate the beauty of the family in which I belong. My dad works abroad to provide me and my younger brother more of what we need. On the other hand, my mom who has always been with us gives us a lot of reasons for us to love our family. My little brother, who keeps bullying me, shows that our parents deserve our smiles. Oh, THANK YOU GOD. I have a GOOD FAMILY - a family who does not consider money as the root of our happiness. Happiness in our family is not defined by living in a mansion nor eating on a royal dining table but keeping our smiles in times of troubles. 

I guess, you too guys, should be happy with the family you have right now. You owe everything to them. Thank your Superior Being, Whoever He is, for giving you the real persons who would never leave.
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"I Could Have Done Better"

Sunday, April 6

"I Could Have Done Better"

Posted by algene may on Nov 24, '07 6:06 PM for everyone

I took up BS Biology at the University of the Philippines during the first semester of my first year in college. The course I’ve chosen to take was quite bad for me. I have a great interest in Biology since I wanted to become a prominent doctor someday but a lot of things in UP caused me to be uninterested into the course. Unfortunately, chemistry came along with my major subject. God knows how much I hated chemistry during my junior year in high school (and even up to this very moment). Nothing can ever make me like the subject. I simply hate it for some reasons I can’t tell (or maybe I knew but would not tell you for it may sound shallow). I forgot that it is a central science, therefore, it must be taken by any students who took up science-related courses. Adding to my misfortune was our terror chemistry instructor. He wasn’t really a bad teacher. He went to our classes with lcd projector and laptop as his aiding materials. I see him as a bighead lecturer present in class, not to teach his students, but to impress. For me, a good teacher or professor should be able to instill his or her students, not just academic lessons, but life lessons too. Let’s just say, he failed to do the second thing. The problem with him was that he was too conceited. For him, nothing else matters but his works and achievements. He didn’t even know how to give credits to students who have done great and impressive things.

As days passed by, I started to withdraw my interest in the subjects which has affected all the other subjects I have taken. Hey, I didn’t tell you I failed my subjects. I still managed to get my highest score from Dr. Rivero which is my General Biology teacher. I think I deserved to get the highest grade from my major subject. My worst grade (as expected) was given by my Chemistry teacher. Well, I accepted it because I know I didn’t do anything to pass his subject (especially when my mom informed me that I will have to transfer to another university for the next semester). Yes, I attended his classes but that doesn’t mean I’m interested with him and his lessons. He is a pain in my head and ***.

I’m glad because I have proven myself that I am capable of learning while having fun. During my first semester, I combined books and paper works with parties, friends, and a broad menu of things to choose from. Even if I haven’t slept well for the previous night due to parties or sleepovers, I still woke up at 6:00AM for my Biology class. Now tell me that I don’t deserve a lovely grade from my Biology lecture professor. Despite my angst to our chemistry teacher, I still made my chemistry laboratory reports and took down notes during our lectures. Even if I was opening my friendster account in the Atrium, I still did an advanced research for the possible next topic in my social science and philosophy (SSP) subject.

I admit I didn’t do all my best in the first semester. The things I’ve done for my course was attending classes, joining in class discussions and passing all the paper works required by each professor. In those ways, I was able to pass the subjects. Yes, I am contented with my grades but I know I could have done better. I kept telling myself during the break, “If I have these good grades without giving my 100% effort, how much more if I have given my 101%?”. I may sound a smug but it’s really true. My attitude in the way I study was not an attitude of what they call an “iska” o “iskalar ng bayan”. Being a UPian was not easy. Every student within the university grounds has something to be proud of. And I knew I have nothing.

Yes, when I asked for my documents from UP and passed it to Ateneo, I knew I failed. I failed to survive. Some upperclassmen told me that everybody in UP fails in most things, experiences hardships and thinks of commiting suicide. They said, what I really need is to trust myself that I can survive the obstacles for being a UPian. Sadly, I decided to raise the white flag and admitted my defeat. It was never easy for me to leave UP especially that only a few were privileged to be a part of the prestigious university. It was in UP where I found my first friends in college, experienced things I never thought I would and did things for me to know myself better.

I will always keep with me the memories I’ve had in UP. All of those were good (even the chemistry thingy). Why? It’s because of the laboratory instructor. I repeat, laboratory instructor, not the lecturer. Hay, I’ll miss the HH, the Jeepneys, Ate Malou’s kwekkwek, Ate Marichu’s canteen, the Kanluran Food Court, the Elias B. Lopez Hall and the people I’ve been with in those places. *tears falling*

I knew it was God’s will why I spent my first semester in UP. And He also made the plan for my second semester. Whatever he plans for me, I’m more than willing to do it.ü
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Friday, April 4


Posted by algene may on Feb 16, '08 12:42 AM for everyone

I never thought i would enjoy the valentine's day of the year. In fact, I woke up late yesterday because nothing excites me from waking up early.. I only stayed at the dorm until 2PM. I didn't even go out for lunch. I just called "Bruncher" and ordered a meal. I took a bath really late because I thought I have a class on my mathematics of investment. when i got into my classroom, a classmate told me that our teacher announced last tuesday (i was absent then) that there will be no class on the 14th. What happened made me feel more uncomfortable. I went back to my dorm and looked for something to eat. I checked my food locker and found nothing edible. I checked the refrigerator and just found a juice in can which i don't feel like drinking yesterday.. I checked the dvds holder and realized that the dvd i want to watch was missing.. then, I saw the "notting hill" dvd which I haven't watched yet. I sat on the sofa and played the movie. On the middle of the movie, a classmate of mine texted me and told me that we will not have a class on Theology. I was really shouting my heart out because I can rest. Minutes after, she texted me again and told me that we have to attend our theo class for the evaluation and film viewing. See, I recieved a lot of misfortunes yesterday..

All of a sudden, the misfortunes were replaced by blessings. I attended my Theo class about 4:30PM and from that time started my luck. I got brownies and balloons from a special friend. Then, after my Theo class, I headed to F304 for my sociology class. I was the first student in the room. Next who got in the room was my Socio teacher (whom i hated a li'l bit). I offered her some brownies (I was eating that time and it's really uncomfortable to just let her watch me as I take bites) and she accepted it. We talked for about 15 minutes about my plan on proceeding to law after my graduation (that is, if i pass all my accouting major classes. lol). I was glad because she said i'm good in analysis and I will not fail if ever I enter the world of proper law. in the middle of our conversation, my classmates came. We started our class by a prayer. I don't know what got into my teacher that she told me to stand up and sit on a chair she called as the "hot seat". She then faced my classmates and told them to ask me any questions they want for it was valentine's. I was really ashamed but a part of me was really happy.. the class was ended about 7:30PM by a prayer.. I thought that would end the excitement of my valentine's day. before I went home, I passed by the church and prayed.. I reached the dorm and realized that i was alone again. Most of my dorm mates were out on dates.

I was again sitting on the sala and recieved a text message from my friends asking me if I can go out with them. i know it was sad to just stay in the dorm and yet, I still told them that I can't. I was on my way to the telephone to call "bruncher" to ask them to deliver me a meal for dinner when the guard called my attention. She told me that there was a group of boys and girls waiting for me outside the dorm. I checked it out and found out my friends were there. Instead of having an ordered dinner, I decided to go out with them. Who can say "no" to friends who really gave their effort to fetch me. The boys even gave me roses. Overall, it was a very good day.

at the end of the day, i said to myself that i just had the best valentine's day ever.ü

bottomline (i know the post is too long): i enjoyed yesterday's season of hearts.


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