Tuesday, September 1

Top Apps and Sites That Can Help You to Decorate Your Home

Home decorating choices differ with every person’s preferences, tastes, styles, and especially budget. Others prefer traditional, while others like contemporary. Since not everybody can afford to hire professional designers to fix up one’s place, people try to do DIY projects. With the convenience of technology these days, there are so many apps and sites where users can grab ideas and apply them in their home decorating ventures. Beside these apps , many sites can help you to find some good ideas and modern furnitures designs to refresh your home style . If you check on sites such as shopmohd,  you can find creative and original design furnitures ideas. Good news to those tech-savvy home decorators who are on the lookout for helpful applications and websites, here are some suggestions.

Friday, August 28

It's About Time: You Gotta Let It Go For Better Days to Come

For the days that I completely feel shi*tty about things, all I do is write on my journal and remind myself of this beautiful affirmation: It is okay to believe in unicorns and dragons, and to know that you are made of stardust and are a unique miracle whose existence is essential to earth. You just need to open your eyes wide enough to really see that anything is possible and for that you are not bound down, you are limitless.

Tuesday, August 18

There’s Always Something You Can Do About Stress

Deadlines. Readings. Work submissions. Backlogs. Relationships. Issues. These are just some of the things that may bring stress in our lives especially if we fail to manage them. Sometimes, we get obsessed with our responsibilities to the point that we make ourselves believe that we are incapable of achieving them. Well, the good news is that there is always something we can do about it. We have the capability to change “I am stressed” days to “I am absolutely happy and carefree” days.

Image by: Kelsey Davis Design

Monday, August 10

Where Our Story Ends

To that person who reminded me that I can’t have it all, thank you for coming into my life. I’m not really sure if you know but in case you don’t, please be aware that I like you. It’s more of an admiration. You may not be everything I want in a person and it’s perfectly okay. All that matters is that you are capable of making me feel happy --- even if we only spent a “moment” together. With what is currently happening right now, I am reminded of the fact that I am not lucky enough to get all I want. I like you but I don’t want to place us in a situation where we would feel guilty about things. I believe in karma – that she’s a bitch. I don’t want to feel happy now and suffer the consequences later on. It was nice meeting you. And I hate to say this but it’s time for a goodbye. Maybe in another lifetime, we’d have another chance to make things work. For now, this is where our story ends.

Wednesday, July 15

Thank You McDo: Happiness from Little Things

It always amazes me how simple things can make me feel happy. Just when I was having a bad day, a gift from McDo Philippines cheered me up. So I'm writing this post to express my deep gratitude to them. I came home late one night and when I entered my room, I saw a package sitting at the end of my bedside table. I can remember how stressed I was that time and how all the bad vibes went away when I opened the box... 

These cute minions took all my worries away. They're so adorable! They remind me of the fact that we always have a choice every single day - either to be happy or to be sad; that it all depends on us on how we are going to deal with things. I placed them in the living room of our house where I can see them regularly so whenever I see them, I'll be reminded that I am always in control of my emotions.

Tuesday, June 30

Happy 6th Social Media Day!

Can you believe that my first ever blog was created or hosted under Friendster Blogs? It was on that site where I shared all my happiness, frustrations and experiences as I went on with my high school life. Sad to say, I was not able to download everything published there. After Friendster, I moved to Multiply where I had an opportunity to share not only blog entries but also photos and videos. However, as days went by, I realized that I needed a better platform so I moved my blog to Blogspot and since that day, I (The Coffee Chic) never left. 

Cupcakes by Sweet Advocate during Davao Blogger's Social Media Day