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What To Do When You’re Trapped In Certain Situations

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The happenings in the world bring bursts of worry among many people, along with the repercussions of climate change, sporadic wars, and terrorist activities that seem to happen on an everyday basis. It is so easy to imagine a scenario where you will find yourself trapped in dangerous situations.

For sure, panic will ensure. And with panic, dire conditions are exacerbated. Your mind will be so wrapped up with the danger you are facing that eventually, you will forget most of your human faculties—to keep calm, to think of a way out, and to feel compassion to your fellow man. In extreme circumstances, like in the case of damaging hurricanes, there will be looting and killing. It can bring out the worst in humans.

It is not impossible to find yourself in that kind of situation. And if you are unprepared, you will either give up before the battle even begins or toughen up and use any means to survive. That is why being prepared for the unknown can go a long way, not just to keep you alive but also to retain your humanity.

Whether you are someone with a taste for adventure or a homebody who is clueless about the outside world, it is mandatory to be prepared for the worse. So what is the first thing you should do to increase your chance of survival if worse comes to worst?

Creating Your Own Survival Pack

This is unlike your emergency kit of multi-tools and medicines. A survival pack is designed to aid you once you find yourself in a situation beyond your control, like getting shipwrecked and stranded in an island or dealing with the aftermath of a high-magnitude earthquake.

This survival pack can make or break your chances in extreme outdoor conditions, helping you not only withstand your situation but also thrive in it.

What should your survival pack include?

Waterproof Bag

Mountaineers are known for investing in backpacks that can house their days worth of supplies and ensure that they are convenient enough to carry. You should find a sturdy bag that can store everything you need.


When disaster strikes (say an earthquake or a hurricane), there will be power loss. It can take days to restore or even months, depending on the extent of the damage. A flashlight can be a useful emergency tool once the night closes in.

Compass and Maps

If power is out, then your electronic devices will eventually give up once their batteries drain. It is so much easier to travel with the help of a GPS, but if it is out of your options, then the manual way is your best choice.

Maps and a compass can help you navigate your way to your destination. They are especially useful if you are out in the wilderness and need to find your way.


Of all the survival tools, a knife is perhaps the most useful. You might be short of devices, but a knife can help you fashion one through resourcefulness and innovative skills. It can be valuable if you need to hunt for food, gather firewood, cook, and even to defend yourself.

You should make sure to choose a proper high quality knife, which means it must have straight edges, since those are easier to maintain. A backup knife is also advisable just in case you lose or damage your primary knife.


This is a no-brainer. Multi-tools like this wallet-do-it-all are just extremely useful and do not really take up a lot of space. You can settle for one with basic inclusions, like a can opener, a nail clipper, and a screwdriver.

Water Canteen

You can probably go for days without solid food, but water is just too important to live without for long.

A handy water canteen can be very useful when you are just starting out or if you are stuck in the woods far from a water source. Filling up your canteen with water and bringing it along on your journey is better than simply relying on your luck to come across a river or lake.

Medical Kit

Of course, this is not something you can overlook. Disaster spells injuries and other illnesses. By preparing a kit of medicines and other medical supplies, like bandages, antiseptics, ointments, and many more, you can rest assured when you have minor wounds or burns. It also pays to learn how to apply first aid to minimize the effects of injuries.

Collapsible Tent

It is difficult if the impact of a destruction is wide and there will be no more shelters to run to in case of heavy rain or extreme heat. A collapsible tent can make a huge difference, especially if you have to travel far or stay outdoors.


There are ropes for climbing and multipurpose ropes. Ropes used for climbing can be immensely helpful if you have to tackle tricky terrains. Bringing a rope can help you handle heavy weights and shock forces. In addition, multipurpose ropes can be used when making rafts, lifting game, and creating traps.

Packs of Food
Stock up on energy bars and chocolates. They are easy to carry around and can provide substantial energy on the onset of food shortage. They can get you through several days, giving you enough time to hunt for food.

Necessary Clothing

Prepare clothes that can keep you warm but light enough not to burden you. Avoid choosing those made of cotton, as those types of clothing can be detrimental if you are wet and cold since they lose their insulating properties when wet.

But if you are left with no choice and you are wearing a cotton cloth when you get wet, the best thing to do is to find something you can stuff between you and your wet clothing. If you are in the wilderness, leaves can do the trick.


This can be any tool you can find useful for survival scenarios. It can be a hatchet or a crowbar, or it can be a set of lock picking tools, as they can open abandoned houses if you are desperate for shelter and food supplies. 

A sewing kit is also a good idea if you need to mend or sew crude materials. You never know what’s in store for you out there.

Taking Other Measures to Ensure Vigilance

While survival tools can be the key to manage harsh conditions, they are no use if you do not have the will to survive.

Your preparation does not end with the survival pack. You must also make it absolutely certain that you are physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared. Sometimes, a proper mindset can make a world of difference to those who survive a disaster and those who perish.

People who have mastered the survival psychology can remain calm amidst the chaos. Instead of panicking, they assess the situation and come to a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Their actions are not always the traditional; they have the ability to think outside the box. Their focus on the tasks at hand makes them adept problem-solvers.

Of course, most of that is easier said than done. But there are steps you can take to make sure that you are mentally and psychologically strong to handle high level of stress.

Overcome Your Fear

Never let your fear control your actions. Fear can send you into panic, hinder all logical thoughts, and bring you closer to danger. It can make you immobile, unable to function when the situation calls for it.

Manage the way you deal with situations by putting your fear under your control. Train your mind to concentrate on what needs to be done. If you only look at the goal to survive, there won’t be room for fear. But if it persists, tackle its root cause. What are you scared of? Why does it scare you?
By facing what you fear the most head on, you can train yourself to overcome it and build your confidence.

Remain Positive

If you have to deal with a crisis, you will need to make decisions. Often, these decisions can dictate the outcome of your survival. Every thought you take and every action you make must be accompanied with optimism. Your eye should be on the primary goal—to survive.

By keeping positive in your situation, no matter how dire it is, you can also influence others who are with you to move and do something. Remaining positive can also quell the onset of fear.

Assess the Danger Ahead

Do not be complacent in the face of disaster. If the circumstance calls for a swift decision and action, then you should not let another minute go by before making a move. But you cannot also give in to rash decisions.

Acting on your imagination at the wrong time can spell disaster not only for you but also for those who rely on you. That is why it is important to assess the extent of danger you are in. Find the balance between caution and quick-mindedness.

Equipping Yourself with Essential Survival Skills

Apart from mental and psychological preparation, you should also learn integral skills that can help you survive. This is very useful if you find yourself stranded on an island or lost in the wilderness.
These skills can provide you with the basic necessities that you need to live.

Create Fire from Scratch

Fire is not only for cooking food. It can also be a deterrent for some wild animals and is necessary to keep you warm. Others use it as a signal for help. True, there are lighters and matches. But what if you run out of them? Building a fire is something you should master.

Use thin fuel to begin your fire-building, before gradually moving on to thicker logs. Dry tinder is ideal if you are trying to start a fire in a wet area. It can mostly be found in tree branches, under logs and rocks, and inside some plants. For help signals, you can use leaves to create a lot of smoke, piling them on top of your fuel.

Find and Purify Water

Constant rehydration is a requirement for the body to function well. You can only imagine what will happen if you will go without water for too long. So it is only sensible for you to learn how to find water anywhere. It is not only the typical source of water, like streams and rivers, that you should take note of. You can also learn how to find one in the absence of a clear water source.

Knowing and learning about plants that can give pure and drinkable water is a must. In case your water is not fit enough to drink, then you must know how to purify it.

Build a Temporary Shelter

It need not be a house, but if you find yourself stuck in the mercy of nature, you should be able to fashion a shelter out of the resources at your disposal. It can be anything from a debris hut to a tarp tent.

The important thing is that your shelter can protect you from rain and heat. Sticks, leaves, grass, and pine needles can be used for a hut. A tarp and some roof are enough to build you a tent.

Find and Hunt for Food

Looking for food can be challenging. You can be forced to pry doors open or hunt for food yourself.
It is mandatory that you learn the kind of plants safe for consumption and the type of wild game you can hunt to give you the required nutrients to recharge your energy. You need to know the basic of traps, including snares, deadfalls, fish traps, and bird snares.

There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Prepared

Taking these steps is not a guarantee that you will be safe and win the survival game. There are still too many factors that can affect your chances, but being prepared anytime and anywhere can put your mind at ease once a crisis sets in, knowing you have learned and trained to manage probable dangerous scenarios.

The Best Tech Gift Ideas For 2018

Gift-giving can be an exercise in futility or a fun excursion all over town. With so many options to choose from, however, the whole activity can quickly become tedious and confusing.

Tech and gadgets - especially the practical ones - make great presents for all occasions, so they're a trendy choice when perusing gift options. A lot of these gizmos can also be easily ordered online, which further adds to their popularity. 

Encrypted storage drives

Flash drives and portable drives are still widely used in daily life today. These passcode-secured drives aren't too expensive and are a nifty gift for your office mates and friends. 

Bluetooth speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very handy for the audiophile who wants to share their tunes on-the-go. The best speakers feature water and shock protection, good volume and range, and a lengthy battery life.

Solar backpacks

A durable solar backpack is a thoughtful gift for the gadget-obsessed family member or friend. This allows them to store all their tech and charge them with sunlight. Opt to give them backpacks with waterproofing and anti-theft features.

Power banks

High-capacity power banks are another cheap but useful gift idea in this gadget-centric world. Be sure to pick a bank that's from a reputable manufacturer, as the market is riddled with defective and short-lived units.

Mobile signal boosters

A signal booster kit is a great investment for the whole family or an apartment full of smartphone-toting tenants. This gadget ensures that your pad has strong, reliable cellular connectivity wherever you are. Take a look at specialized tech retailers like Wilson Signal Boosters for these gadgets.


This is a great but terribly expensive gift for the dedicated videophile. OLED TVs are the new hotness in the display industry, featuring deeper blacks, impressive contrast, and extremely thin frames.

Smart plugs

Give your homeowner friends and apartment-renting pals some smart plugs as a practical housewarming gift. These doodads can turn any non-smart appliance into a relatively smarter one by providing timer and scheduler features.

Mirrorless cameras

A precious gift for the newly-minted shutterbug, mirrorless cameras are a good alternative to bulky DSLR cameras. They're compact, lightweight, and have as much power and features as a DSLR.

Flagship smartphones

Top-of-the-line handsets boast features like facial recognition, Quad HD+ screens, powerful hardware, and multi-camera setups. Flagship phones are pricey but are very versatile for the power gadget user.

Wireless chargers

These are for flagship smartphone enthusiasts, as currently, only certain flagship handsets boast wireless charging. Not having to wire-in to charge your phone is a neat little time-saver. 

Robot vacuum cleaners

Extremely busy friends and acquaintances can benefit from a robot vacuum cleaner gift. These quirky robots can easily clean underneath furniture and hard-to-reach grounded places. They used to be expensive, but nowadays, a lot of manufacturers have thrown their hats into the ring.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones can make a long, noisy commute a much more bearable. These peripherals are fantastic gifts for commuters and for audiophiles in general.

Fitness trackers

A smart band is a great present for your buddies who are into exercise and athletics. Generally durable and able to track a wealth of information and statistics, these fitness trackers are relatively cheap nowadays.

Be City Ready By Making Vaseline Part Of Your Skin Care Routine

Living in a city is exciting and challenging all at the same time. It is exciting because you get to have unlimited access to malls, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and other commercial places. Almost everything you need is within your reach. There is no need to undergo a lot of hassle before you can achieve the things you need to do. However, city-life could also bring stress especially when it comes to dealing with traffic, pollution and heat from the sun. It's a good thing that Vaseline Philippines has introduced a brand-new product that could help women become city-ready. In this article, I would talk about NEW Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection and how effective it is in fighting the environmental aggressors.

One of my major concerns about living in the city is the presence of too many pollutants such as smoke emissions from automobiles or domestic fuel burning from factories or plants. Not many people know this but pollution is harmful not only for the environment but even for our own skin. The more we are exposed to it, the more dangerous it is for our skin tone. Research shows that it can accelerate skin aging, cause uneven skin tone and even lead to skin cancer. 

Another harmful urban aggressor is the ultraviolet (UV) rays coming from the sun. The sun releases ultraviolet rays that could go through the skin. Too much sun exposure allows the ultraviolet rays to reach the inner layers of the skin. When this happens, sunburn could take place as well as the tanning or darkening of the skin. Just like the pollutants, too much exposure under the scorching heat of the sun may also result to premature skin agin and skin cancer. 

Because of these, it is essential for women living in cities to be more careful when it comes to taking good care of our skin. We need to be aware of the effects of the environmental aggressors so that we would become more motivated in using the right product for skincare. As such, I highly recommend the all-newVaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection.

With my #IAmCityReady kit, I am confident that I could go anywhere in the city without worrying about the adverse effects of the environmental aggressors. Having the Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection makes it easier for me to accomplish a lot of things. I no longer need to stress about the heat of the sun as I take the streets of Metro Davao. 

What is the best thing about this skin care item? It is effective in protecting every Filipina from the harmful effects of the UV rays from the sun as well as the pollutants in city areas. It contains essential ingredients that makes it a must-have items for busy women who are always on the go. This product contains the following items:
  • Glycerin - A natural hydrating substance that provides the right amount of moisturization, which is crucial for the skin's natural healthy barrier. 
  • Stearic Acid - A building block within the stratum corneum and is considered as a key component in the extracellular space of the skin.
  • Niacinamide - A component that is responsible for the maintenance of fair and radiant skin.
  • Petroleum Jelly - It is responsible for trapping the moisture unto the skin as well as acting as a protective barrier, which ultimately blocks particular matter from having direct contact with the skin.
  • Vitamin E - An anti-oxidant that plays a major role in the anti-aging process to keep your skin youthful looking.

This item comes in three different sizes, such as 100ml, 200ml and 350ml. The prices are PHP 116, PHP 200 and PHP 315, respectively. As you can see, taking good care for one's skin does not need to be expensive. You just need to find the perfect product that satisfies your need for a healthy-glowing skin without having to pay a high price for it. The Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection is available in all leading supermarkets, drug stores and department stores nationwide. 

So She Stayed The Course...

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This was the journal entry I wrote on April 4, 2018:

“In less than 72 hours, my life would change. I know it will. There’s nothing that I could do about it. And the truth is that I have been waiting for it to happen. Right now, everything inside of me is quite messy. How I wish I had more courage to ignore the doubts and uncertainties in my mind. I’ve tried… really. But I guess this is not one of those moments where I have more control of "mind over matter."

Maybe I’ll just let myself go with the flow for the next 72 hours. It’s funny how one single paper could have a significant impact on my life. Well, to get you on board, I’m talking about the “List” that the College of Law of ADDU will issue by Wednesday. The question that’s been bothering me is: Will I ever make it to the list?

A big part of me is really hopeful that I would be on that list. I’ve been in law school for quite a long time already. I couldn’t afford to extend for another year. It would be a big waste of money and opportunity. I have so many things lined up for the next few years and if I won’t be on the list, everything would change drastically. This is the kind of change that I do not want to deal with. Not anymore.

This is the kind of change I want: Graduate from law school by April 2018, start the review by May 2018, and take the bar by November 2018. It would be a difficult journey, but I’m looking forward to just get it over with. Because as long as I’m still in law school, I will always get stuck. I can never move forward with my life. Studying for the bar is another battle, and I’ll figure out what to do when I get there.

For those who do not know, I’m the type of person who is happy-go-lucky or worry-free. Whenever something bad comes my way (like failing grades or bad recitations), all I do is just shrug it away. As a firm believer of The Secret, it’s my mantra just to be happy all the time even if deep inside I’m struggling. I guess my “super-happy-go-lucky” moments have come to pass. It’s time to own up to my mistakes now and remind myself that I’m not getting any younger. I could not afford to keep on delaying my life.

Sooooo… Right now, I’m really exhausted. I want to graduate so bad. I want to make my parents proud of me. My success is their success. Without my mama and papa, I would have given a long time ago. I just want to liberate myself from the chains of law school. If I graduate this year, it would be hitting two birds at the same time — giving my parents something to be proud of and giving myself a chance to be sane again.

I HAVE NO OTHER PLANS BUT TO MAKE IT TO THE LIST THIS YEAR. I have not thought of Plan B or Plan C. There is only one plan. I am going to make it happen. I will. This is a promise.

And so the countdown begins. 72 hours before I find out the next chapter of my life. Wish me luck.”

Here's my blog post for today:

How I wish I could say that I made it to the list. As it turned out, my name was not on "the paper."

It was heart-breaking.  I felt helpless. I felt ashamed of myself. 

When I found out that I could not graduate this year, my first reaction was to break down in tears. I kept crying for two hours straight. I didn't know what to do. Everything was too painful to accept. While I was crying, I received a phone call from a friend (a lawyer) who already found out about the list. He told me that things happen for a reason. He tried to console me with some comforting words and promises of a better tomorrow. He told me that there's nothing he could do to take away the pain but gave a reassurance that the situation was only temporary. Even after his call, I still felt down and heartbroken.

The first phone call I made was to my mom. I told her about what happened, and her reaction made me more guilty. She did not yell at me nor scolded me for not making it on the list. Instead, she asked where I am and offered to fetch me. She simply told me to keep my cool and refrain from driving while crying. I knew it was hard for her too, but she remained strong, so I could not feel the pressure. When my dad found about it, he was furious at first. He was expecting me to finally graduate this April, but again, I did not meet his expectation. What broke my heart, even more, was when he called to remind me how much he loves me and that he will always be proud of me no matter what happens. 

Fast forward to this day; I still feel sad knowing that my classmates would graduate at the end of the month. I have to be honest that I am quite jealous of their achievement. I wish I could be part of the graduating class for 2018. But, I could not stay in the dark for a long time. I need to bounce back from this major setback in my law school life. I have to accept the fact that I failed. I have to trust in the judgments of my teachers -- that I'm not yet ready for the bar. 

Just recently, I was convinced that there is a timing to everything. Maybe my "perfect timing" is next still next year. Yes, I have to endure another year of law school. It was difficult to accept at first, but there's nothing I could do about it. I could not allow myself to succumb to negative emotions. I need to get back on track because my dream of becoming a lawyer is still within me. Just because I did not graduate this year does not mean that "LLB" will never attach to my name. I guess the best thing to do right now is to trust the process. 

So what now? I have another year to make things right. I'll try harder. I'll be a better law student. I'll keep trying until I reach the finish line. 2018 is not the year that I will give up. I'll keep fighting. 

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Gifts for Her That Are Sure to Please

For years, flowers have been the go-to when getting a gift for a woman. Flowers are overdone. While they are beautiful, they don't last very long. A good bouquet of flowers can cost around $50-$100 (PHP 2,500 or 5,000). It's time to revamp gift-giving for women. Let's make that old flower budget be used for something that lasts longer.

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Faux Fur Throw

When comfort meets fashion, faux fur throw. It will be a gorgeous accent to the room and will be super soft and snuggly.  


Over the years Keurig has added some color into the mix. You can get the traditional black, or opt for white, teal, red, or even purple. They come with many features now too, like digital display. The Keurig makes it easy and fast to make tea, coffee, or cocoa. 

Picture Frame Filled with Photos

If you're looking for something budget friendly, but will still be impactful, buy picture frames and put pictures in them of the people she loves. It sounds simple, that extra effort will really mean a lot to her. You could buy multiple frames and make a collage too.

Make-Up Mirror 

This may seem boring, but browse the aisle of makeup mirrors. There are tons of options. Double sided, mounted, lighted, and even mirrors with bluetooth speakers built in.  Most women spend their mornings looking in a mirror while getting ready, might as well have something to listen too. If she likes music in the bathroom, you could opt for a radio for the shower. They are usually less expensive than mirrors with bluetooth. 

Phone Accessories

These are probably the most budget friendly. PopSockets are easy to find because of their popularity. The come in a variety of colors and patterns and cost less than $10. 


Unlike flowers, diamonds last forever. Diamonds are timeless and can even be a gift that is passed down. When picking the best jewelry for her, think about her lifestyle. If she is around small children all day, a ring may be best because children often pull on necklaces.  If she wears gloves all day, like a nurse, a ring with channel set diamonds would be best because the gloves will glide over them without tearing the gloves. 

A Special Event

This can be a fun gift for both of you. You can plan a weekend getaway to a cabin or bed and breakfast. If you can't get away, get tickets to a play or concert. If you really want to take it to the next level plan extra little details. For instance, if you are going to a concert downtown, plan a carriage ride before the convert. This could be a good time to add flowers.

Keep in mind that your gift doesn’t have to break the bank. Think about her daily routine and things that she's interested in. If she's into make-up, how perfect is a makeup mirror? If she loves to snuggle up and watch a movie, a blanket is perfect. If you feel that you need to buy flowers, do so, but pair it with something thoughtful. 

Safe Travels: Why You Need Traveler's Insurance

When we are organizing a trip, it is very common to make lists and more lists with all the things we need to solve, what we have to do, what we have to find out, or what we need to buy or get before our trip. Sometimes, these lists are short, but other times, especially if it’s a long trip, the lists can be really extensive. There is one important thing that a lot of people forget to include in these lists: to arrange  for traveler’s insurance.

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Well, sometimes it’s not that people forget about it, but rather that they don’t consider it because they think it’s expensive and prefer to use that money for something else. Many people think that if it’s just for a few days, it’s not worth it, because nothing will happen to them. And in case something happens, they can just go to the nearest public hospital in the destination country, and that’s it. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.

For example, let’s say that you’re travelling to Europe soon. A lot of people don’t know whether it is mandatory to hire travelers insurance or not to travel to Europe. The answer is, in order to enter the Schengen area, you will need to hire travelers insurance assistance to cover for any medical expenses that may be incurred during the course of the stay. Otherwise, it is very likely you won’t be allowed to enter the continent at the airport, and will be forced to return home. As you can see, this can be one of the saddest endings for a trip. 

So, when people ask if it’s recommended to hire travel insurance, the answer is yes. Of course, maybe nothing happens to them. But if it does, there’s nothing more satisfactory than having that travelers insurance there to save you, because it’s possible that you couldn’t afford the expenses otherwise. It’s true that in certain countries, we can use public hospitals, but it’s also true that we cannot in many places. Or, that the quality of service in public hospitals is not exactly top-notch. Furthermore, one thing is to have a simple problem that is cured with a little rest and some medication, and another completely different thing is to have a serious medical problem.

Source: pexels.com

It’s fair to say that no one wants anything bad to happen during a trip, but unfortunately, it may happen. This is why, when we hire travel insurance, we need to take into account what they are offering us. There are two things that are fundamental, even though they can sound a bit harsh: return of remains and medical repatriation. They are two extremely expensive things in case our family has to pay for them.

On the other hand, travel insurance does not only cover medical expenses, they also cover the legal aspect. For example, this includes problems that may arise in the event of a car accident or being involved in any legal issue, baggage, and insurance for flight cancellations, among other things.

Since there is a wide variety of options when it comes to travel insurance, it is a good idea to take a look at all the possibilities and compare. This is why there are companies that compare insurance quotes, and they often display quotes, compare prices, and what is offered by each of the most well-known companies on the market. Here, you will find all you need to know to compare the different possibilities and decide which travelers insurance you need for your next trip!

How To Travel The World While Making A Living

Do you ever wonder how you can explore exotic places and pay for it? 

Do you wish you could make back the money you’ve already spent while on an excursion?

Do you want to change jobs so that you can trek the globe and experience a variety of cultures, but wonder how you’d survive?

If you answered yes to any of these, there is good news! The world is constantly expanding with amazing and unique opportunities to travel and make a living while doing it! 

Source: pexels.com

Here are the most common methods to do just that:


Photography or videography is a great way to fund your adventures. With the constant improvement of camera capabilities on mobile phones, freedom has been granted to a huge population to capture a moment during a trip and sell it or post it on a monetized blog.

Facebook Live is a fantastic way to ‘bring others with you’ as you experience an attraction or adventure in real time! Live streams can also be done on Instagram. (Just be sure to announce when you plan to go live because once the stream has ended, it cannot be viewed again. However, this is a great way to build excitement and promote once-in-a-lifetime events you’d like others to see as they happen.)

There are all kinds of sources looking to pay photographers for images: travel related websites, vacation planning agencies, hard copy and online magazines, and tourism boards, to name a few. If you’re a shutterbug, selling your memory-inducing photos can add padding to your expense budget and provide you with the flexibility to work and play anywhere you can download your photos.

Pro Tip: Remember to make images high resolution and do a thorough check of any agreements or contracts for payment terms and rights of use or image ownership.

Create A Monetized Blog

Creating a blog that incorporates your personal writing about travel as well as your photography or videography can be a great source of entertainment and income as you globe-trek.

Chances are, you are journaling about your experiences anyway, why not add a photo with a live video and post it? Blog readers are very interested in the personal side of the writer’s life. If you can write in such a way that you are revealing parts of your adventure in a story format, followers will engage, making it easier to attract affiliate advertisers to your blog and begin generating income. The more you explore and blog and the more engaged your audience becomes, the more your blog’s value increases. 

Pro Tip: If you can provide something of relevant value to give the reader, the more appealing your blog will be. Perhaps you can create a guide of do’s and don’ts from your experiences. Maybe you’ll make a list of tips for how to connect with locals for an authentic cultural experience. The possibilities are endless. 

Source: pexels.com

Content Writer

If the idea of potentially unstable or inconsistent income makes you uneasy to become a freelance writer or blogger, consider becoming an independent contractor with firm contracts for a handful of strong industry leaders looking for web content. 

Big travel-related companies are looking for content to fill their sites without all that goes into hiring full-time staff. Get creative about who you pitch your writing ideas to: hotels, travel agencies, seasonal resorts, or cruise lines are a few good places to start.

Pro Tip: While negotiating the terms of your potential contracts, request the style or voice in which you prefer to write, destinations you would like to visit, or topics and attractions that you would like to explore. The content world is your oyster.

Get A Job

If you want to move out of the cubicle life, but are drawn to steady income, consider getting a job in an industry that sends you around the world. There is a plethora of options available to you. For example, you could work as an au pair, importer/exporter, or an instrument, dance, or language teacher. 

Granted, these jobs may have you in one location for an extended period of time - but imagine how deep you could dive into that region’s culture and attractions before you move to another assignment!

Other options might include becoming a yoga or workout instructor. You can visit locations around the world and create workout videos on site. Then, you can post it on your monetized blog or sell it as a workout package on your website. You could also sell it to app companies who use video to add variety home workout systems.

If you are looking for seasonal work and enjoy working with people, consider becoming a surf or ski instructor, cruise ship or resort service employee, tour guide, bartender, or docent. 

Pro Tip: Look into becoming an international house or pet-sitter. This is a rapidly expanding industry for the trustworthy animal lover. Imagine getting paid to go anywhere in the world, love on furbabies, and giving pet owners the freedom to travel as well. It’s a win-win!

Making a living while you travel is not as daunting as it may seem at first glance. The key is to know what you love, be creative in how you apply your passions, and begin reaching out to those already doing something similar, then make it yours. Financed adventure awaits – go find yours!

Why Orthography Is Important For Everyone

In this article, our primary focus will be about the necessity of orthography in the lives of many people. We are going to explore the importance of following the various orthographic rules.

Did you know that orthography is something that is often discussed almost every day? For example, in social media sites, there will always be people who will make fun of others when they find out that the latter have errors in their status updates or photo captions. These people usually think that those who commit mistakes are somehow illiterate. This is why it is indispensable for everyone to learn the basic rules of orthography. More individuals should determine the significance of being grammatically correct at all times. Otherwise, it will do them some harm.

Orthography is the written language that submits to the list of rules.

In the contemporary life, the presence of rules is helpful in regulating the communicative process. But actually, it is the writing help that you can from yourwriters that can make your life quite easier. Whether it is an academic paper at school, a thesis paper for graduation or a work at the office, this site can offer you anything you need.

If every driver on the road needs to follow traffic rules, then the same should also go for the writers. They have to follow a set of orthographic rules for correct guidance. The written communication is challenging, which is why the rules are important to make things easier. Without these rules, everything will become messy. There will be lots of errors everywhere. 

The truth is that there were students who graduated twenty years ago that did not engage in the use of written language as much as the college students of today’s generation. Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a writing task to complete. Everyone has to be good in the use of written communication, such as writing an e-mail message, posting updates on social networking sites, publishing comments on sites and many more. Even for the little writing tasks, we need to learn how to complete them properly. The orthographic rules will help us communicate better through 

Literacy and orthography show the level of your writing culture.

We have seen that people who love reading are more likely to become intellectual compared to one who is now. The process of reading allows a person to become more literate. At the same time, a person who enjoys reading has a high tendency of becoming a good writer as well. If a person loves to read, he may end up being great at drafting contracts or publishing an essay. 

Because of this, everyone is highly encouraged to be mindful of the various orthographic mistakes. One must exert and effort in making sure that his vocabulary is rich. The best way to do this is to keep on reading. Everyone needs how to spell words and how to use them in sentences. Keep in mind that a good writer has a high potential in getting a great career. Communication, as well as reading, is important for your success. Do not take these things for granted by sticking to the rules on orthography.

Ignorance of the orthographic rules shows disrespect for the interlocutor.

The behavior that is not regulated by rules and norms is always the disrespectful behavior. Take note that the way you write says a lot about you as a person. Whenever you publish a post or write an article that contains several orthographic errors, people will look at you as an ignorant individual. They will make a negative conclusion about your personality based on what is written in the posts, letters, essays or publications. An excellent example of this is when you submit an academic paper that is poorly written. Of course, the teacher will surely give you a failing mark for it. As such, it is necessary to be familiar with the orthographic rules for your benefit.

Always keep in mind that the key to your success is composed of several factors. One of which is having the ability to engage in excellent written communication. To make this happen, learn how to follow the different orthographic rules. Use these rules to come up with excellent essays and articles that will allow you to get the job you want or avail of more significant opportunities. Consider it as an essential aspect of your life.

Remember that it is never too late to engage in reading more books and writing better articles. 

The Greatest Showman: Thoughts and Quotes

It's been a long time since I stayed at home on a Sunday. I have been so busy with my studies that even my Sundays are spent on reading cases or studying for exams. However, just recently, I feel that I've been doing a lot of work already to the point that I am exhausted. Whenever I try to get back to studying, I want to cry. It seems that everything I do is not just enough. It sucks. So for today, I decided to take my stress away by watching a movie at home. With a box of chocolates on my hand, I spent the afternoon watching "The Greatest Showman."

Well, I have to say that I chose the right movie for my stress-free Sunday! It is such an amazing feeling to have watched a great musical film! The official soundtrack is beautiful (no wonder "This Is Me" won as the Best Original Song during the Golden Globes). The movie was based on the life of P.T. Barnum, who started the first circus in the early 1800s. Hugh Jackman did an excellent job in portraying the role of P.T. Barnum.

Right after watching The Greatest Showman, I felt a little bit happier... as if the movie gave me something to be grateful for. I love how they keep on repeating this line:

The line is from the "A Million Dreams" by Ziv Zaifman. Listening to it makes me feel more alive. There is so much hope, positivity and imagination in the lyrics of this song. If you want to get some good vibes for the day, listen to the The Greatest Showman by clicking here

Here are some of the memorable quotes from the movie:

UNIQLO Announces the Newest Hana Tajima Collection

Featuring  on-trend colors, linen items, and a range of styles for any occasion.

The Japanese global retailer UNIQLO launches the HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO 2018 Spring/Summer Collection. The entire line will be available in SM Megamall and select items will be released in SM City Davao and SM CDO Downtown Premier starting February 11 and on May 11 for the second launch.

LifeWear is UNIQLO’s commitment to creating high quality, functional, and affordable clothing that meets the needs of everyone’s daily lifestyles. Rooted in the brand’s LifeWear philosophy, British-born designer Hana Tajima creates the exclusive collection for women of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, culture or religion. For 2018 Spring/Summer, new season highlights include elegantly designed pieces that offer comfort and versatility.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Ms. Tajima notes, "For this season I wanted to create a collection that would celebrate the true idea of femininity—the one that finds the strength and grace that exists in all women. These pieces are meant to be lived in, to adapt to different bodies and styles, and be versatile enough to take you through the day and through the season.” 

Incorporating on-trend orange and mustard hues for 2018 Spring/Summer, this season’s wide range of color variations make it easier to style with other UNIQLO items. Featuring pieces made from natural linen, a LifeWear essential that combines softness with refreshing comfort, each garment has been designed with a keen eye for detail to create timeless essentials that offer a variety of styling arrangements. As an added treat, the dresses have also been updated this season to include two length options for its global markets.

About Hana Tajima

Combining refined elegance and effortless comfort, British-born fashion designer Hana Tajima is changing the way young women dress all over the world with her contemporary and functional designs, that are both culturally relevant and extremely versatile. In 2017, New York’s Museum of Modern Art selected her pieces for Items: Is Fashion Modern?, an exhibition which highlighted 111 influential garments and accessories that have profoundly affected art and culture around the world over the past century. Inspired by her Japanese roots and English upbringing, Ms. Tajima’s unique designs continue to garner international attention.

For the list of items under this collection, click here.