Monday, February 16

When Something Becomes Something Else

When does something become something else? Maybe when you stop hoping. Maybe when you start to realize that you’ve been wishing for “it” to happen for too long but it never did. Maybe when you start to get tired for trying so hard but “it” didn’t turn out to something you’ve always wanted. Or maybe when you wake up one day and realize that you deserve better.

Friday, February 13

It's Okay to Be Single on Valentine's Day

There are only a few days left before Valentine’s Day. My newsfeed is full of V-day related posts. Some of my friends are already sharing about their weekend plans with their beaus. There are those who look forward to celebrating the “Hearts’ Day” in a fancy restaurant, enjoy the sunset with their loves at beach or do any intimate activities at romantic places. Some are also talking about the gifts they are planning to give their partners and the presents they wish to receive from their lovers.

Then… There are those who talk about their frustrations (but yes, in funny way) about Valentine’s. Some are bitter about their lost love, the love that got away, the love that never had a chance, the love that ended before it even started, the love that never came and/or the love at a wrong time. 

I’m pretty sure that I don’t fall in the first category – the group of people who are happily in love on Valentine’s Day. At the same time, I'm also not sure on whether or not I fall in the second group – those who has issues about love and yes, the Valentine’s day. All I know is that I thought this year’s February 14 is going to be different. But as I see it, it’s going to be that same happy-yet-boring-do-not-mind-me day for me.

February 14, 2015 – the third Valentine’s day that I’m still (yes, proud, happy to be and sometimes wondering why) single. I’ve learned to count the years because my friends never failed to remind me (every single year) that I’m still loveless during V-day. 

Monday, February 2

Of One Who Was Destined for Better Things

It's the first day of the week and I can't believe that I'm feeling oh-so-good after everything that happened for the past few days. There's no doubt that I woke up at the right side of my bed! The first thing I did was to grab the first book I saw on my bedside table - Lang Leav's Love and Misadventure. It has always been my thing to flip the pages of a particular book, randomly stop at a certain page and read anything written on it. For this morning, I landed at page 107 of L&A:

Swan Song
"Her heart is played 
like well-worn strings;
in her eyes,
the sadness sings,
of one who was destined
for better things."

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Friday, January 30

Dear Future Me

illustration by Iguanamouth
Dear Future Me,

I hope that today you are the person you always set out to be. I hope you accomplished everything that they said you could never do. 

How many lives do you change in a day? 

Do you speak out for what is right, or sit there regretting your silence? I hope you are what I’m not. I hope you speak out with such a voice that everyone around you can hear it even when you aren’t speaking. I want you to have power in the way you speak- giving light into someone’s world filled with darkness. 

I hope you live as if you are the only one capable of making a difference, and embracing that ability in the best way possible. You don’t need to have your name written in the text of a history book, but you need to live to make your words give life to the ones who thought they didn’t deserve one. 

When you read this letter, I hope you are somewhere where all of you previous goals can be made accomplishments. I hope you still remember your past, and pass on your story to those who need to hear it most- to show them that they are not alone. 

Tuesday, December 30

Signs of Happiness: Supporting 5by20 by Coca-Cola

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you have probably noticed that most of my posts talked about happiness. I am a firm believer of the law of attraction which is why I love talking about happy things, thoughts, circumstances and individuals. I feel more alive whenever I read happy stories or see happy people. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about #HappiestThankYouToYou where I jotted down the blessings in my life that I am truly grateful for. The said video was an ad by Coca-Cola where it reminded everyone the value of making other people feel how thankful we are for everything that they do.

In this post, allow me to share another successful video created by Coca-Cola Philippines - Signs of Happiness:


Saturday, November 15

#IpanemaSelfeet Goes to Davao (Create Your Own Adventure)

If you are active in updating and checking your social networking accounts, then you have probably came across the cool hashtag #IpanemaSelfeet. It is a campaign of the famous brand Ipanema where they dare young fashionistas to create their own adventure and bring a new twist to selfies. 

Last Sunday, Ipanema hosted the Selfeet Sunday featuring stations complete with Ipanema flip flops and fun backgrounds worthy of even the most demanding selfie aficionado. Mall goers were invited to join the fun as Ipanema brought fun games, raffles for a chance to win Ipanema gift certificates and an accommodation to Pearl Farm, live entertainment, and a special appearance by My Husband’s Lover star Tom Rodriguez.

Friday, October 24

Promoting Tourism in the Philippines Through #SharePH Campaign

If there is one thing that I am thankful of today, it is having an opportunity to join the Twitter Conversation hosted by wherein several social media enthusiasts talked about what's life like in Davao city. The said Twitter party is part of the #SharePH and #ShareDavao campaign which aims to promote the tourism in the Philippines by focusing on major cities in the country. I'm happy to announce to everyone that Davao is the first city which became part of this amazing campaign and that the Davao Bloggers Society is part of the first blast of #SharePH and #ShareDavao. 

Thursday, October 23

Relive Your Dreams: Carte Blanche 2014

The long wait is finally over. Party goers and ravers can now get their tickets for the most awaited event of the year in Davao city - Carte Blanche 2014: Electric Music Carnival which is set to happen on November 15, 2014 at Crocodile Park Concert Grounds. Last year, Carte Blanche 2013 made waves in the EDM industry for being the first electronic music dance festival outside Metro Manila. This year, Manic Nightnings Productions, headed by its Manic Mom, Kat Dalisay, is happy to announce that the team is bringing a bigger and better Carte Blanche! 

As mentioned by the Manic Mom (aka Mommy Kat), Carte Blanche 2014 expects to gather an attendance of 20,000 ravers from all walks of life from different cities in Mindanao. Did you know that two large fields at the Crocodile Park will be occupied for the production? Attendees will surely enjoy The Carnival and The Rave Field prepared by the whole Manic Nightnings team. There will be lots of carnival rides and fun booths which will surely make the event truly memorable and exciting.